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Social Factors The social factors that seem to impinge on fashion industry are the spending habits of potential customer that are elastic to the economic stability.

This will enable the company to retain its position for supplying fast fashion within the high street and continuing to attract customers into the store, on a regular basis. In the current era consumer is well informed and chooses a product, which accomplishes a beneficial role in the society and is socially responsible of its actions.

Failure to do so is likely to result in customers turning away from a particular brand, until they renew their product ranges. Nevertheless, the significance Zara pestel effect that political factors might have upon the business may differ vastly. Analysis of the External Environment Looking specifically at the way in which Zara has managed itself into such a strong position within the industry, it is helpful to identify the external environment within which the company operates.

Further difficulties emerged, in earlywhen a journalist published a report looking at the treatment of shop staff, across the company, and found several instances of abuse. Inflation, exchange rates, tariffs, and taxation charges, as Zara is a brand Zara pestel does not sell to Zara pestel classes, therefore, it is important for them to know whether their brand is affordable or not in that particular market.

Fortunately, it did not hit Zara as much since the company has a global presence; hence, the capability to curb losses or slow profits is significant Inditex, An International Journal, Vol. Hence, government interference is not just limited to the public sector; indirectly through taxes and directly by restricting certain products they do have interference in the private sector Allen, Any activity under taken by the business will not go unnoticed by government.

For Instance Bangladesh customers have a strong preference for bright colors and they do not bring a change to their wardrobes to frequently as compared to elsewhere in the world. Implementation and Evaluation Throughout the implementation of the business strategies, it is Zara pestel to continuously evaluate Zara pestel or not certain avenues of activities are successful and whether alterations are necessary, in order to establish greater efficiencies.

Typically, individuals will prefer specific clothes that have a distinct image, when choosing fashion items. As a result, the organisation has to produce a relatively large number of products, in order to enjoy economies of scale and therefore it simply cannot produce bespoke or unique items which would Zara pestel for a higher price tag Kumar and Linguri, Moreover, interest rates and exchange rates must also be accessed in order to know what would be the costs of exporting or importing goods; whereas firms cost of capital will be easily recorded if an organization is able to keep a track of interest rates.

A particular emphasis should be placed on the strengths within the supply chain, as this enables the organisation to bring products to the market, at a particularly rapid rate. Moreover, with increasing competition emerging throughout the industry, buyers are looking for cheaper prices, continuously, and any attempt at raising the price is simply unlikely to retain the favour of the existing customer base.

One of the key ways in which Zara has achieved a competitive advantage in the market is to bring the lead-time of new products down from approximately six months to just two months, which means customers are able to obtain the very best fashion designs at high street prices. It also has a large international presence, with more than stores across the globe, allowing it to build a very strongly recognised brand.

Concerns were also raised that the efficient supply chain which it had established was having a dramatically negative impact on the environment.

Consumers require regular updates, particularly at the high street end of fashion, where items are perceived to be somewhat disposable, in order to keep up with the latest trends.

For example, the supply chain needs to be monitored, on an ongoing basis, in order to identify any losses, either in time or money, so that these can then be reduced or even removed Grundy, The company has to make sure the coverage of all legal obligations while maintaining the operating costs and making profits.

Hence, Zara should be familiar with the economic growth, interest rates. Buyers demand continuous change, particularly within the fashion industry; therefore, it is necessary to continuously provide new and innovative fashions, on an on-going basis.

Following this statement, Zara acted quickly to mitigate the damage that had been done in the public face, by stating that it viewed the use of sweatshops by its outsourced suppliers as being entirely unacceptable and put in place a variety of different procedures, to ensure that production was monitored much more carefully.

Therefore, the company needs to focus on how their products are created from environment friendly material also if any of their products is harming the environment in anyway. Sometimes the population rates show higher birth rates to so this makes it easy for companies like Zara to be able to produce according to the population structure Inditex, Continuous evolution within this area is a necessary part of retaining the position and also looking towards cutting costs, by altering product designs to take into account the cost of production Finch The other threats are the larger organisations and those that are able to reduce their prices below those which Zara can achieve.

Substitution across the whole industry is extremely high, as individual consumers can choose alternative providers for their fashion needs. This has made shopping with Zara more interactive and has bonded the customer emotionally with the brand Inditex, Future Strategies Several future strategies are now suggested for Zara, moving forwards.

As a result of this report, the organisation has had to review its supply chain and look at methods of reducing the amount of toxins that are seen to be contained in its clothes. Technology plays a huge role in this, and therefore having a strategic business unit which is entirely focused on technology and the use of technologies to create internal efficiencies, needs to be one of the primary business level strategies Murphy, This information can then be used alongside the internal narratives to create the appropriate business strategy for the organisation, going forward.

Analysis of PR Crises Environmental Concerns Although Zara has managed to retain itself is a well recognised, well-respected brand within the fashion industry, it has also suffered from PR difficulties, over the years.

This also works to the advantage of the company as it is able to continuously turn over new products and this places a sense of urgency on customers to purchase items, immediately, when they see them, for fear that they will not be available next week.

Analysing the Organisational Environment. Internal Analysis of Zara Having identified the key issues which are impacting on the external fashion industry, the next step is to consider how these issues are impacting on the internal operations of the company.

This new approach to fast fashion also creates environmental concerns as cheap items are often viewed as disposable by the consumer and simply thrown away, rather than recycled or treated in an environmentally friendly manner. Technological Factors The newer the technology the better the efficiency levels in an organization.‘Fashion is the imitation of a given example and satisfies the demand for social adaptation The more an article becomes subject to rapid changes of fashion, the greater the demand for cheap products of its.

Strategic Analysis Pulling together both the external and internal factors impacting on Zara as an organisation, it is then possible to establish a strategic plan for the future, in order to ensure the ongoing success of this substantial fashion retailer.

Free Essay: Key Elements Which Will Determine Zara’s Profit Growth in the Next Three To Five Years Introduction Zara is a Spanish company that starts its. Zara is a big brand that has a vertical integration system, where the company owns different factories, transport system and their own outlets.

It is very important. The following SWOT Analysis shows Zaras, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats importing the brand in Albania. Strengths Zara is a. Pestel Analysis Of Zara Profit Growth in the Next Three To Five Years Introduction Zara is a Spanish company that starts its business as a clothing manufacturer.

It started to grow from a small company over the decades until it possesses few factories that allocate their products to other countries.

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