Writing alternate history fiction novels

Laumer describes a world in which the American Revolution never happened, ruled by Britain; and a world ruled by a ruthless dictatorship. In World of Winxthe seven fairies- Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora, Aisha and Roxy- live on Earth, where humans are ignorant of the existence of fairies or belief in magic; much unlike the fourth season of Winx Club, where they had brought all magic back to Earth by releasing its terrestrial fairies.

Livy contemplated an alternative 4th century BC in which Alexander the Great had survived to attack Europe as he had planned; asking, "What would have been the results for Rome if she had been engaged in a war with Alexander?

What you do for the better increases the portion of the multiverse where good things happen.

Alternate History

We promote books in the genre, the artwork used for them, and the authors and artists who produce them. This is important since there is no real answer to the questions asked, and AH fiction needs to appreciate this and negotiate the obstacles it creates.

Guido Morselli described the defeat of Italy and subsequently France in World War I in his novel Past Conditional Contro-passato prossimo where the static Alpine front line which divided Italy from Austria during that war collapses when the Germans and the Austrians forsake trench warfare and adopt blitzkrieg twenty years in advance.

It is, however, very believable by the second measure. Not in our world. He becomes a Megaduke and commander of its armies and manages to fight off the invading Ottoman armies of Mehmet II.

Quick Rules:

These communities are transported from the present or the near-future to the past or to another time-line via a natural disaster, the action of technologically advanced aliens, or a human experiment gone wrong.

In one novel of this type, H. The second is how believably the events of the story lead into each other. As an artist, you can be as detailed as you wish, giving or omitting a personal Bio, and link to any of your websites, marketing sites or social media.

The Redemption of Christopher Columbus by Orson Scott Cardin which scientists from the future travel back to the 15th century to prevent the European colonization of the Americas.

Also from that general era, Martin Cruz Smithin his first novel, posited an independent American Indian nation following the defeat of Custer in The Indians Won Actual historical figures are seen in a much different light: Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Published four times a year, it will include the following features: Paratime thrillers published in recent decades often cite the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics first formulated by Hugh Everett III in to account for the differing worlds.

England, under the control of Oliver Cromwell, had banished "makers", or anyone else demonstrating "knacks" an ability to perform seemingly supernatural feats to the North American continent.

The agreed design would show the chronological scope of that story, from bi-planes to jet fighters, and focus on the person of the Tsar, standing in front of a burning Russian city.

List of alternate history fiction

This can be a difficult task, since it means the author has to communicate two timelines — the real one and the fictional alternate — while contrasting the two with some degree of subtlety.

Speculative work that narrates from the point of view of an alternate history is variously known as " recursive alternate history ", a "double-blind what-if", or an "alternate-alternate history".

Alternate history

Forstchen have written a novel,in which the U. The writer might allude to a POD only to explain the existence and make no use of the concept, or may present the universe without explanation of its existence. But no opinion can grasp how it can come about that it was not founded long ago The sequel clarifies this as the result of a collaboration of Einstein and Planck inresulting in the theory of "rhea tics".

Because of this, the AH author who wishes to experiment with WWII timelines can be relatively assured that their audience possesses enough knowledge to appreciate any changes. And for those looking to employ even more realism in their writing, why not check out Should authors use familiar places as story settings?

The other great point of divergence in this timeline occurs inwhen Richard the Lionheart survives the Siege of Chaluz and returns to England, making the Angevin Empire so strong it survives into the 20th century.This is a list of alternate history fiction, sorted by type. Novels by date of publication Before Tirant At the same time he is secretly writing a play for the English underground resistance.

where its intervention radically alters the history of WWII. (20 linked series novels, and still continuing.).

Alternate history is a subgenre of speculative fiction (or science fiction) and historical fiction that is set in a world in which history has diverged from. Alternate history has long been a staple of Japanese speculative fiction with such authors as Futaro Yamada and Ryō Hanmura writing novels set in recognizable historical settings with supernatural or science fiction elements present.

10 Worst Mistakes That Authors of Alternate History Make. A big part of writing alternate history, author of Zulu Heart and other alt-history novels.

How To Write Alternate History New Edition.

Alternate History Fiction: 3 Useful Rules You Should Know

Grey Wolf originally published his thoughts on writing Alternate History to his blog, as well as a few to the discussion website fresh-air-purifiers.com of which he was a member.

Is there a future in writing alternate history fiction? I said earlier that alternate history fiction is a more popular genre than some might realize, and that isn’t going to .

Writing alternate history fiction novels
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