Writing a letter of recommendation for a student athlete

The first is an insightful, in-depth story of the student that reveals both her academic skills and personal qualities. What will you remember most about this person?

Your program of allowing athlete-trainee to undergo training matches with archery champions and professionals will test his skills to the fullest and make his horizon broader, which will encourage him to take up bigger and more challenging contests.

The best letters come from teachers who know a student well. So what are all these carefully reading admissions officers looking for?

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Secondly, they make the letter more interesting and help the student come to life in the eyes of admissions officers. I have known Michelle for approximately 3 years. Especially in selective admissions, when thousands of qualified students are competing for a limited number of spots, reference letters can go a long way toward differentiating one student from another.

I want you to know the things you cannot see; the things inside of her that make her the great player she is. To answer this question, I researched recommendation letters from both sides of the college process, drawing on the advice of high school counselors and teachers and the perspective of college admissions officers.

She has been studying health and fitness issues for more than 10 years.

Athlete Recommendation Letter

However, such special athletic skill can hardly be seen in a lifetime. Place the letter inside an envelope that has the school address printed in the return address section and seal the letter. As a coach, one of your student athletes may ask you to write a letter of recommendation for him.

MIT offers an insightful breakdown of the questions its admissions officers would like answers to in a letter. This article compiles the most important lessons I learned through this research and my own work supporting students through the college process.

Instead, writers can point to a specific involvement or story that demonstrates something meaningful about the student. I do not ask for special favors if the granting of such will not serve a greater end.

Finally, the use of specific stories proves that the recommender is, in fact, qualified to assess the student. Admissions officers put a lot of weight on recommendation letters.

Developing a "big spike" in a certain area shows passion, dedication, and the ability to sustain long-term focus. Which sentence paints a better picture in the mind of the reader? I know Michelle has what it takes to be one of the small percentages of young women who play at the college level; I hope that you will consider her for your program.

Other students may have had to overcome hardships in their life, and the recommender could speak to their resilience and strength as a survivor. So what must go into a letter of recommendation to make it particularly strong and effective? Some of these qualities include love of learning, academic commitment, communication skills, commitment to mastery of a specific skill or area, and leadership capacity.

How to Write a Coach's Letter of Recommendation

I was thinking of words to describe Michelle to you so you would have the chance to know the young woman I know.Essays & Writing Guides for Students. Letter of recommendation for athletes. (, you can turn to other's writing help.1/5(1).

Student athletes will need letters of recommendation to accompany their college admission application. As a coach, one of your student athletes may ask you to write a letter of recommendation for him. A good letter of recommendation may tip the scales in favor of an applicant who may have had some academic difficulties in the past.

From this experience, I can say with confidence that Michael is a dedicated student athlete who leads from example and will be an asset to any future team.

Character Reference From Coach

As a freshman, Michael became a running back for the junior varsity football team. During the season, Mr.

Smith practiced hard and quickly earned a place on the varsity team. Sample Letters Of Recommendation Athlete sample-letters-of-recommendation-athlete. Character Reference From Coach I am writing on behalf of {Name}, whom I have coached and taught for the last {number} years.

In that time I have come to know {Name} very well as both a student and an athlete. Recommendation letters for athletes focus on work ethic, teamwork and personal development.


Athletes endure extreme exercises to build strength, speed and agility to compete with other teams, which provides a platform for improving self-discipline.

Writing a letter of recommendation for a student athlete
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