Weslandia writing activities

Directions Read these directions. What makes the team get things done? How does the context help you to determine the meaning?

In his dreams, dragons were after him and he was. Tell how to find her phone number and address. What does demonstrated mean?

Creating Your Own Civilization; Weslandia Activity

Work together to figure out the meaning of each word by using words that appear near it. Home Activity Your child identified and used synonyms to help him or her understand other words. Work together to identify the main idea and supporting details of the article, then write a short summary.

Some babies Home Activity Your child read a short passage and recognized a generalization using clue words. Directions Complete the diagram by making a generalization about Matt. The cultures were very different and he was still learning English.

This garden becomes his own world.

Summary. Comprehension Skill. Name. Weslandia. Activity. Draw Conclusions. Activity

Circle each pronoun that appears in your captions. How do you know it is a synonym? How are the directions organized to make them easier to follow?

Why the interest in elderly lungfish? A young boy spoke next. Talk with members of your family about interesting animal facts. In a saucepan, heat water, butter, and salt until warm, stirring constantly to melt butter.

Sometimes an author uses words such as all, many, or in general to signal a generalization. Together, read a newspaper or magazine article that includes a graphic source.

A faulty generalization cannot. Together, examine the graphic source and make predictions about what the article will be about. Activity Script It Imagine the play someone might write about an event in your own life. What conclusion can you draw about how Kara felt at first at her new school?

How do you know? What clues help you to determine the meaning? To play a game or sport well, you need to form a. If you enter toy store in the category field, will this produce good search results? In a way she felt they were fleeing civilization and their complex city life.

Did you and your friends ever make up your own language? Read a newspaper or magazine article with your child. What context clues helped you understand what autistic means? He raced into the school and walked around. They are in the group called mixed.

What does cavities mean? Read a story or an article with your child. Honeybees, for example, make honey. What is the location of the grasshopper s two front legs?Common Core Materials for Weslandia. Weslandia Teaching Resources. best selling item Weekly Reading Records with Comprehension Writing Activities and my.

After reading Weslandia, choose from three leveled reading passages that relate in some way to the. Two worksheets for the story Weslandia in the Reading Street Program.

One is an analysis of the culture that Wesley invents and the second one is a comprehension check for after reading the story.

Name Weslandia Comprehension Draw Conclusions Writing Fictional Narrative Weslandia Name Weslandia Vocabulary Home Activity Your child.

Landforms reference charts, the have kids build their own land forms.

Weslandia Worksheets

Find this Pin and more on Weslandia by Lara England Tingey. Landforms, Continents & Oceans Activities {A Science, Writing. Novel!Engineering!Activity!Arc:! presentations!and/or!writing!assignments.!! * * * Weslandia!!! By.

Weslandia writing activities
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