Total domination and forced obedience

They will serve as a "sissy-sitter" when you are not there. Ask him which one he liked best. The color is up to you. These will conveniently allow you to "outsource" the training of your male, who will be returned to you with a much higher level of training.

Make him answer ALL the questions that you want to ask him then. He may be about to cum in the panties that are wrapped around his clitty short for overgrown clitoris - not his cock or penis.

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First, it brings him back to an obedient mindset just moments after he is "released". Another adjustment he must make is learning to sit whenever he pees.

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This means that your use of trigger words like "my good boy" have a way to reach into him and bring him back. Once the chastity device arrives, it should be installed as soon as possible. Be sure his socks are distinctly sissy too with little designs that are color coordinated with his outfit.

Of course, when you want it, a tease session can always end up with him performing oral service.

Forced Subjugation vs Willful Participation

Mistress will decide if Her the male sub will play with cock, keep it hard, edge or cum for Her pleasure. You will order him to comply or else everyone will know that he is a sissy. You will decide if and when and how he cums.

If not, plastic numbered lock is to be used with picture being sent to Mistress before and at end of evening. His dresser will hold sissy clothing only.


Forehead to floor and not move until released with "up. However, it is widely believed that only the lack of legal infrastructure has delayed its adoption.

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Total domination and forced obedience
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