Thesis on consumer protection in india

Companies are not willing to invest in efficient after-sales service so long as their sales keep increasing. Advertisement is of two types. The consumer continued to be exploited and cheated in various ways by the traders, manufacturers, and industrialists in general.

Such orders are appealable and one can file appeal in the Supreme Court within 30 days. It is only recently that it has dawned on the power that the poor consumer has his own rights, that he is the backbone of the national economy, that the farmer, producer and the manufacture flourish only because the goods are needed by the consumer and they are sure that he would purchase, even if they ate of an inferior quality and exorbitantly priced.

Consumer Protection in India: Needs and Methods

In case of such complaints, the complaint may be asked to pay costs not exceeding Rs. It organized raids and the shops and god owns of hoarders and black marketers indulging in malpractices were raided.

Such heavy advertising expenditures just enable the manufacturers at the most to maintain their market shares of the product without adding much to its total output. Free competition provides sample choice in the selection of goods and services. Misleading advertising is another means by which the producers deceive the consumers.

Right to be Informed: We need physical protection of the consumer, for example protection against products that are unsafe or dangerous to his health and welfare.

The consumers are spread widely all over a country and are poor, illiterate and are generally not aware of their rights, though their awareness has recently increased. However, more often the purpose of advertisement by the manufacturers and suppliers is to mislead the ill-informed consumers about the quality and contents of their products and services.

Short essay on Consumer and Consumer Protection Act

Consumer awareness about their legitimate rights has been constantly growing in recent years. The inspectors appointed for the purpose are bribed and they easily certify that the goods sold are of standard quality. Consumers in modern markets are amateurs whereas the persons confronting them are professional sellers.

Need for Consumer Protection | Essay | India | Law

Besides, consumers have been sought to be protected by enactment of several laws by government. There is an act to check adulteration of milk, ghee, and other consumer items, but the law has remained ineffective in this respect also.

They have been pressing for proper labeling of the products with maximum price to be charged, the contents of the product, especially drugs, side effects if any, of the product etc.consumer protection in india INTRODUCTION Personal service items from a master and servant relationship which was totally different from a lawyer-client relationship or.

Learn about India's National Consumer day, the objectives of Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), and the Centre for Consumer Action Research and Training (CART).

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Article shared by: In this essay we will discuss about the need for consumer protection. Business Law, Consumer Protection, India, Law, Need for Consumer Protection.

Essay on Politics in an Organisation: Top 7 Essays | Management. CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (COPRA) The Consumer Protection Act, is a milestone in the history of socio-economic legislation in the country. Major Developments towards Consumer Protection in India This paper surveys the major developments in the field of consumer protection in India sincewhen the statutory provisions for regulating unfair trade practices were incorporated for the first time.

CONSUMER PROTECTION IN INDIA SOME REFLECTIONS T he growing interdependence of the world economy and inter-national character of many business practices have contributed to.

Thesis on consumer protection in india
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