Switzerland s ict cluster in zurich and

There are 5, companies in the Greater Zurich Area, employing 50, ICT professionals from all over the world — many of them highly specialized researchers and developers. Google has a workforce of around 1, employees from 75 different countries in Zurich who mostly work on products such as Google Maps, Google Calendar, YouTube or Gmail.

Further, WinLink organizes different events on defined topics. Weaknesses of WinLink are that the ICT cluster Zurich is not yet a fully functioning cluster and also that the association has only very limited resources available for its tasks.

Funding rounds just jump from A to C. The central location of Switzerland in Europe is a valuable point for companies to establish their headquarters there Schroderp.

Zurich's ICT Agenda

Furthermore, there is no market intelligence system in place to monitor trends, and no joint purchasing or organized export promotion efforts.

Members if they would not support WinLink anymore 2. The banking sector, the Swiss government, and international Swiss companies create sophisticated domestic demand. Accessed 10 December Its innovation and talent pool also produces the most startups and spin-offs in the ICT sector across Switzerland.

Switzerland now has 62 data centers plus proprietary centers of large corporates, such as UBS or telecom operator Swisscomwhere organizations from around the world store their data.

Date Event For the first time there is a computer installed at a university on the European continent. Of course it comes as no surprise. Created in Zurich, it now belongs to Zurich publisher Tamedia.

Plants are installing computer technologies in view of the forthcoming era of Industry 4. When asked about potential changes in the business strategy for Switzerland, Google spokesperson Matthias Meyer said the company planned to keep on developing its activities in the alpine country.

Another advantage of Switzerland is the well-developed and always available IT infrastructure Schroderp. Several years of experience Opportunities 1. Therefore most of the following information is based on the interview with Mr Noser Most of the results of the research point out that the geographical concentration of ICT firms and research centers can be seen as a local ICT cluster.

It employs 2, people in Zurich alone. In this way, the cluster initiative can be evaluated holistically. You can also find the complete list of the 50 startups hereafter.

Conventions and Events in the ICT Hub Zurich

Numerous spin-offs are created from researches undertaken at the ETH Zurich. Although Switzerland has no explicit cluster policy at the national level, there are different government-supported institutions that assist clusters.

Given the current relatively low volume of deal-flow in Switzerland, investors compete on each extreme of the funding spectrum. Furthermore, it is tempting to believe that cluster life cycles follow the same pattern as the life cycle of the respective industry.

Either the startups perform sufficiently well to attract much larger players and be acquiredor they die. As can be seen in figure 2, the Observatory assigns the cluster an excellent overall rating of three out of three stars. Focusing on the promotion of a small number of selected key segments of the cluster will enable WinLink to support the most promising sectors rather than trying to cover all aspects of the cluster.

Five reasons to launch an IT business in Switzerland

Innovation Clusters and Interregional Competition. ETH Zurich is ranked among the top universities in the world.

Zurich is the largest Swiss hub for ICT companies.

They offer companies good access to financial services and capital. For more information on business support infrastructure please go to Chapter 14 of our Handbook for Investors.

Founding of the Zurich Information Security Center ZISCwhich brings together academia and industry to carry out research and education in information security. Mr Noser thinks in terms of political support the cluster needs no direct financial aid, because the main objective of a CI should be to be self-supporting.

Evaluation of regional clusters in Switzerland all industries As discussed in chapter 1. But there are some surprises. Bundesagentur fur Aussenwirtschaft — Lander und Markte. This opens great opportunities for any business working in data protection.

The list is not meant to be exhaustive. Several global companies such as Microsoft, Google and IBM have set up research centers and development centers in the surroundings of Zurich see also chapter 3.

This offers a chance to WinLink to become more important for the industry. Jena Economic Research Papers,Switzerland’s ICT Cluster Zurich and its WinLink Cluster Initiative by Manuel Kaar Christoph Sax Daniela Strebel 31 January Elective Local Clusters and International Corporations Supervisor: Prof.

Dr. Matthias Kiese. Switzerland’s ICT Cluster Zurich and its WinLink Cluster Initiative by Manuel Kaar Christoph Sax Daniela Strebel 31 January Elective Local Clusters and International Corporations Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Matthias Kiese MOC Paper WinLink Management Summary The information and communication technology (ICT) industry and the number of employees in this sector grew rapidly in the last [ ].

Zurich’s clusters are gaining in importance. 0. By Matthias Inauen. the ICT cluster generates productivity increases in nearly all other industries of the economy and boosts Zurich as the Swiss innovation and economic motor. With 92, employees or 36% of the total number in Switzerland inthe financial cluster remains one of.

The 50 Best-Funded Startups in Switzerland in One Map (and What It Means For The Startup Ecosystem) Now living in Zurich- she’s passionate about showcasing Swiss tech startups- bridging ties with international VCs.

Investors tend to cluster in either the pre-seed and seed rounds, or later-stage funding- which at this stage becomes. Future-oriented clusters such as life sciences, ICT and finance are developing very successfully in the Canton of Zurich.

This is revealed in a new study by the Canton of Zurich’s. Zurich is the ICT center of Switzerland. Business, science, and administration join forces in the ICT cluster and engage in initiatives to help Zurich to become established long term as a global hub of ICT .

Switzerland s ict cluster in zurich and
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