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On page he says "we cannot avoid concluding that by not giving more than we do, people in rich countries are allowing those in poor countries to suffer from absolute poverty". It may in fact stop people from giving anything at all, as they become discouraged at the impossibility of the task.

Thus Singer claims that affluent people are morally obligated to help others. This was a great argument!

But also provided was the theory that if a man saw a child drowning in a pond, he would be compelled to help the child, for by walking away would have been considered very wrong.

We in the United States certainly have many vehicles to select from in order to get funds to the needy. Since absolute poverty causes overpopulation, helping people in poverty will only cause more poverty in the future.

Thus population growth is not a valid objection to giving overseas aid "although it should make us think about the kind of aid to give".

He defines two terms: Singer says similar things elsewhere in his book. There is some absolute poverty we can prevent without sacrificing anything of comparable moral significance.

He goes on to state that even the pensioners in Britain are much better off than those folks who live in abject poverty in Ethiopia for example. Absolute affluence is what Singer describes as having more than one needs to provide themselves with basic necessities.

But Singer says this is fine; our goal is to reduce some poverty, as much as is reasonable. Thus, if we need to perform actions such as telling people to donate a small amount of wealth when we donate a larger amount ourselves, this is a reasonable act as we are trying to maximize the amount of overall aid, however that can be done.

Folks in this category buy houses not for shelter but because they want to live in better neighborhoods or they want an extra play room for the kids during inclement weather. Singer debates whether there is a difference between actively killing someone and simply doing nothing and letting them die, and in the end states that "there is no intrinsic difference between killing and not allowing to die" Neither distance nor community membership make a significant difference to our obligations.

This sure gives me a different take on triage units! Singer looks to game theory and choosing actions that maximize expected utility. Singer Essay 2 Feathers and Fur Rich and Poor Peter Singer makes some excellent points in his argument that the rich should prevent some absolute poverty.

Peter first describes what poverty is and the degrees to which certain people experience poverty. He says "we can reduce population growth by improving economic security and education, and making contraceptives more widely available" For purposes of his article, he will use the abject poverty of places such as Ethiopia, where infant mortality is horrible, as is the longevity rate of adults.

One of the examples that was provided in opposition to the argument that the rich should help some of the poor was that if the rich were adrift in a boat and the poor were drowning about them, the boat would surely sink if the rich began to pull the drowning into the boat. I also think that if we give aid we should monitor what actions are the most effective and beneficial.

We ought to prevent some absolute poverty.

Also offered was the triage theory. Singer suggests several ways to help impoverished countries reduce their population growth: After buying food, shelter, clothing, basic health services, and education, the absolutely affluent are still able to spend money on luxuries" If you think I got something wrong or have some support or counter arguments, comments are welcomed.

Sunday, April 6, Peter Singer:Peter Singer argues that most of us have very extensive obligations to the world's poor.

Carefully explain and then critically evaluate his argument. Singer Essay 2: Home One of the examples that was provided in opposition to the argument that the rich should help some of the poor was that if the rich were. Australian Development Studies Network Australian National University Canberra ACT Rich and poor Peter Singer Briefing Paper No.

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Peter Singer, "Rich and Poor" Relative poverty. poor in relation to great wealth enjoyed by neighbors.

Peter Singer,

We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On Peter Singer, "Rich and. Apr 06,  · To help me analyze Singer's arguments before I write a related essay, here is my interpretation and summary of chapter 8, "Rich and Poor", from Peter Singer's book "Practical Ethics".

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