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Towards the evening of the hostage taking, many media networks were covering the hostage taking crisis live. The post-crisis scenario would serve as a test for an administration that was installed only two months back.

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As the eleventh-hour standoff concluded, the shocked public was left with unanswered questions and emotional condemnations. Media should presume the hostage-taker have entree to all types of broadcast.

As victims, the hostages and their families should have received any form of compensation or help or even an apology after suffering from the incident that was compromised by the actions of the media men, who in this case were the group of people who disobeyed the rules.

Business Aspects Broadcast medium is the distribution of sound and picture content to a spread audience via any sound or ocular mass communications Quirino grandstand ethical analysis essay. That concern calls attention to the power of the media and the role of the free press in the development of Philippine democracy.

Provide demands — the negotiating team can provide some of the demands that the hostage cannot use to escape or that which it cannot use as leverage, like the case of beer and the take-out food in this situation. Data Privacy Act of With respects to the hazard of the sureties being increased when the media oversteps its responsibility of unrecorded coverage.

For the Media practicians. The trainings of the Manila SWAT as provided by the Manila Police District are not updated and simulated operations were conducted, if ever conducted, was a long time ago. The IIRC also recommended that Chief Inspector Santiago Pascual be held liable for gross incompetence Quirino grandstand ethical analysis essay possible criminal action, but the Palace affirmed the gross incompetence case without recommendation for possible criminal liability.

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Avila is an Associate Research Fellow at the S. Apart from the need to establish the most effective post-incident interventions for individual hostages and their families, there are opportunities to develop further insights into the dynamics and effects of unequal power relationships.

Although they had their basic weapons such as their armor vest the effectiveness are already in deep questiontheir rifles, pistols and Kevlar helmets but still by standards, these are not adequate to address the hostage crisis situation. To top this off, he was also grossly and recklessly insubordinate at a most crucial moment.

Recently, there was several hearings which the said issues are now discussed at the Arbitral Tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, Netherlands and the Philippines presenting their arguments against China last July which there was several oral arguments happened.

What precautions will you and the department take — If rank permits the assuming of role of team leader for this particular hostage taking crisis, then the first priority is the securing of the area and the evacuation of the people in the immediate vicinity towards safer locations so that there are minimal number of lives at the line should the negotiation fall off for the worse and the hostage taker proceeds with his wanton killing spree.

They should larn how to equilibrate the pattern of giving the right information at the right clip and take into consideration the rights of the people involved in the incident.

As a psychologist, the role in the situation is to make sure to remind the rest of the team about the importance of being careful how the negotiation is being done since the collapse of the negotiation can mean that the hostage taker s have won already or that they have nothing to do anymore in the particular situation.

Prolonged standoff also allows the hostage taker to calm down and to start rationalizing, and usually, when the calmer side starts to take over, the fear of death and the realization that it is not easy to battle and survive against the police force takes over and forces the person to surrender.

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The KBP was organized to promote professional and ethical criterions in Philippine broadcast medium. What aggravated the outrage of the public are the numerous missed opportunities of the hostage response team, which might have led to fewer casualties and a more acceptable outcome.

The names of fatalities should be aired only when their next of kin have been notified or their names released by the authorities. And one of the conditions on the said agreement that the United States is not allowed to store or position any nuclear weapons on the Philippine territory in accordance in the Article II, Sec.

The chief aim of every station is to inform the people about its authorities. The element of surprise was gone that resulted into a stall that lasted for sometime thereby endangering lives.

Taking consideration the ethical approach being discussed in this scenario, it can be said that there is no fairness among all networks involved. As the country is rebuilding its image, investigation must continue at all levels including the police, media and other government agencies involved. One is tempted to put the whole blame on the hostage debacle upon him, if not for the equally incomprehensible lapses and indecisions committed by both his superiors and men all throughout the hostage crisis, specifically on strategy, intelligence, coordination, and deployment.

This is an opportune time for long-term creative approaches and solutions. Philippines on August They train on their own personal account. Provide a plan and course of action to interact with this person — There are protocols that the negotiating teams of particular law enforcement units abide to, sort of a by-the-book conduct when situations like this occur.

The KBP was organized to elevate professional and ethical standards in Philippine broadcasting, promote social responsibility in broadcasting, work for the advancement of the broadcast industry and protect the rights and interests of broadcasters, seminars and conferences.

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Hire Writer Your optimal role is in the situation — As a team leader, the role of the psychologist is to be able to provide a way wherein the hostage crisis ends up with no one person getting hurt or killed, doing this with the use of tools and ways found in the area of psychological strength and power.Quirino Grandstand Ethical Analysis Essay now known as “Rizal Park hostage -taking incident” was the negative role of the Media played that added fuel to.

Sep 14,  · Years from now, security forces across the globe will be looking back at the hostage incident in front of the Quirino grandstand last Aug. 23 as an important case study on what not to do in case a similar event arises.

However, as the world has seen, it seems that Filipino broadcasters need to re-examine their media ethics, and. CO | Manila Hostage Tragedy: A Lesson in Crisis Management.

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The hostage crisis in Manila took place in Quirino. We will write a custom essay sample on Resolving Hostage Crisis Related Essays.

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Crisis hostage management/criminal justice ; Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama ; Negotiation Strategy Analysis ; Cultural Barriers When Negotiating with Women and Minorities ; Resolving Conflicts With People ; Stockholm Syndrome ; Resolving Ethical. SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES(external)| STRENGTHS (internal)| WEAKNESSES (internal)| -Strong economy in Mainland and growing middle class with purchasing power are stimulating demand for outbound travel.

-Ocean Park is one of the icons of the Philippines, popular with locals and tourists as well. -Ocean Park keeps animals and. Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay I. Introduction Although the history of snatch and hostage-taking is a really long one. it is merely comparatively late that there has been a systematic effort to understand the effects.

both long-run and short-run. on persons and their households.

Quirino grandstand ethical analysis essay
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