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Imposing only a fine of such low monetary value does not properly convey the seriousness of the offense or work strongly enough to deter drivers from putting their phones down while driving. To combat this problem, the United States government much take a stronger stance and pass legislation that unifies texting while driving laws and punishments, as well as installing much more education about the dangers of texting behind the wheel to convey the much needed message to the future drivers of the United States.

Here are some facts that have been discovered about texting and driving: Carriers responsible for informing public A feasible approach will surely start with the cell phone carriers and their influence.

Statistics conducted by the National safety council indicate that texting while driving responsible for over accidents annually. If everyone can participate and agree that texting and driving should be illegal in all states, then there is a possibility where the percentage of deaths because of this situation may decrease by a lot.

Although it is very important that the United States takes action to unify and strictly enforce texting while driving laws, it is even more paramount that strong educational programs are made both available and mandatory to prospective drivers.

Of the 5, people killed last year due to distracted driving, the largest proportion of fatalities occurred among young people under the age of Every state should have the same exact laws against texting.

While carriers are not directly accountable for the negative implications of cell phone use, they surely share an ethical role in making sure that their consumers are using their product in a safe and effective manner.

There are different solutions to go about sending a message while driving but many people are not using their sources. In connection with that, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute equates texting for 5 seconds at a speed of 55 miles per hour with driving blind a distance equivalent to a football field.

Sometimes, the people get very absorbed into the text such that they momentarily forget that they are driving. There are many solutions to prevent it. This feature is provided in many newer cell phones to prevent to have to look at the screen. The use of a cell phone while driving is extremely distracting and dangerous to the person behind the wheel, and everyone else on the road as well.

It should also no longer be a question when and where texting behind the wheel is illegal. With all the stories of tragic car accidents happening as a direct result of distracted driving, teens and adults are still texting at the wheel.

Because salesmen have direct contact with the consumer of the product, they have the fidelity to go over best practices and safety concerns with the buyers. Presently, the fifty states also have their own respective laws regarding policy and punishment when it comes to texting while driving, many of which are not a strong enough deterrent to force people to put their phones down.

This sample essay illustrates ways in which mainstream media companies can help reduce the deadly accidents that arise from this behavior, thereby making our streets safer.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban

Consequently, they quickly realized that the driver of our ride was putting their life in danger by doing that.The Dangers of Texting While Driving Essay; The Dangers of Texting While Driving Essay.

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Sample Essay on Texting and Driving

This particular proposal should develop a direct impact on life because it gives people a chance to see what can happen if a person continue to text and drive. People really need to understand how easily it is take the life of someone.

 The Dangers of Texting While Driving Over the past few years, texting while driving has become a major issue for many Americans across the country. It has been the cause of many deaths and injuries and is a huge distraction for drivers.

Texting and driving is a widespread problem that is killing Americans across the country.

This sample essay illustrates ways in which mainstream media companies can help reduce the deadly accidents that arise from this behavior, thereby making our streets safer.

AT&T educates consumers about the dangers of texting while driving4/5(8).

Texting While Driving Proposal Essay

Transcript of Proposal of a Solution: Texting While Driving By: Eric Alfson Proposal of a Solution For the Problem: Texting While Driving Abstract Introduction Proposal Plan Expected Results Next Step Conclusion The best solution to prevent texting.

Sample Paper: Texting While Driving Ban Abstract Automobile crashes as a result of texting while driving is an epidemic that has taken our nation by storm over the past decade. Research Proposal RES October 12, Research Proposal Section I: Problem Statement It is an unknown fact that texting while driving has a greater impact on the rise of .

Proposal essay texting while driving
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