Problems and prospects of marketing cooperative society in nigeria

What is difference between market research and marketing research?

These officers even have some other business elsewhere where they dedicate their time and thereafter see the cooperative as unimportant and make it somewhere they spend leisure time. Sectors such as agriculture, mining, semi-precious and preciousstones and other resources have taken a backseat to the petroleumindustry.

Steps must be taken to see that, there are no sectional appeals so that disunity among the people does not increase manifold. The history of the cooperative society in Nigeria is that itstarted when people decided to come together to contribute money inorder to meet their immediate and future needs.

Cooperatives are very small in size and at such do not have financial, managerial and technical resources. We will carry with us, a power and strength, solidity and solidarity and an element of cohesiveness which will impart to us further permanence and stay in present struggling world.

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The leaders and officers put up nonchalant attitude when it comes to matters concerning alleviating the cooperative because the business is not profit-oriented. The most serious problem being faced by India in present circumstances is, how to develop an atmosphere of national consciousness among so varied a people.

You need to find few people from your target market potential future customers. The members get dividends according to the capital invested by them. So delay in decision making has negative effect on the growth of cooperatives.

Fraud and embezzlement exist in a high scale in cooperatives. The cooperativesociety in Nigeria practiced in the spirit of friendship and trustwithin a community.

Problems and Prospects of Cooperative Societies in Nigeria

Untapped Resources Nigeria is primarily known as an oil producer. The country actively courtsinvestors from around the world to invest in many key sectors. Dirrerentiate between Market Research and Marketing Research? Also they invest the money and give the members dividend at the end of the year.

Occasional communal riots still take place in different parts of the country. Our country was always divided into large number of small kingdoms which were mostly at daggers end. This can include research, product development, distribution, pricing advertising, PR, etc.

The affairs of the cooperative is openly discussed in the meeting and it is also compulsory to advertise the annual account and annual reports in newspapers. U shoul be able 2 giv us d answer, at list u ar google. National integration, therefore, has become the most urgent need of the hour.

The government should make all efforts to meet the situation strictly. Thus, cooperatives are not suitable for the large scale business which require huge capital. The prospect of small scale business in Nigeria is to reach out toconsumers that large scalers do not get to.

Marketing is pretty much everything that happens before the sale of a product or service. They should be more disciplined. Those who are found involved in anti-national and anti-social activities should be dealt with a heavy hand.

Members are not enrolled into the cooperative based on business acumen, competence, efficiency or past experiences. Ask questions, find answers, then use the answers to be a better marketer. Also in some cases, these members who were elected may not show keen interest in the running of the cooperative.

Thus, cooperatives are not suitable for the large scale business which require huge capital as the external resources of the organisation is also limited.

Many members cannot distinguish between the cooperative and their political parties. Marketing Research is research aimed at gathering information on all aspects of marketing. Generally, there is lack of experience to the members of the cooperatives. Our cultural unity is further exemplified by the great temples of the South, the caves of Khajuraho and Ajanta and Ellora which are glittering examples of proficiency of India in the field of architecture and sculpture.

Importance of marketing research in marketing?FINANCING AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN NIGERIA: CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS BY IKPEFAN, O. A LECTURER, (BANKING & FINANCE) COVENANT UNIVERSITY, OTA, OGUN STATE e-mail [email protected] Tel ABSTRACT This paper looked at the challenges and prospects of.

PROJECT TOPIC- PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETIES IN EDO STATE. ABSTRACT. This study critically analyzes and appraises the problems and prospects of cooperative societies Nigeria.

But they are usually from the poor sections.

What is the legal status of the cooperative society?

These persons require to avail credit facilities which is not possible in the case of cooperatives. Hence, marketing is a short-coming for the cooperatives. Limited Scope: Like capitalism, the cooperative system cannot be extended to embrace the whole economic system. Understanding Co-operatives in Nigeria growth prospects; Credit and thrift Possibly the most common form of co-operative society in the 3 states.

SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS OF COOPERATIVE SOCIETIESRegistration with government can solve the problem of large cooperative supervision.

As of Julythe prospects of marketing research in Nigeria are largely favorable. Depending on how the country develops and expands internationally, it .

Problems and prospects of marketing cooperative society in nigeria
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