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In the other graduated cylinder measure 25 mL of the CaCl2 solution. This factor can be eliminated in the future by placing the filter sheets in a completely sealed environment to dry overnight. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before leaving the laboratory.

Applications to Real World: To determine the theoretical mass of precipitate that should form. This causes a mass of the precipitate to be less than expected and therfore decreasing the percent yield accuracy.

To avoid this in the future, more accurate equipment should be used. The double replacement reaction in this experiment formed two chemicals which are commonly known to you.

When we transferred the compound from the plastic tray that we used to measure the compound; some of the compound might have been left on the plastic tray.

Your lab report should also include a complete observations table. Record these qualitative observations in your notebook. During the filtration; it is possible that I did not rinse off enough of the precipitate and some of the compound was left behind that should have been filtered.

The theoretical yield of the product was 0. What is the percent yield? Your lab report should include a complete data table that includes all measurements and values. However, since the percent yield and the percent error is not completely perfect there are some errors that have to be considered.

This might have reacted with water that exists in the atmosphere; and, for a hydrate. A precipitation reaction occurs when Always add the excess water during the dissolving process and the stirring process; because, we donot know how much water is necessary to dissolve the compound.

Chemists are often concerned with optimal yields in manufacturing a certain chemical. From your Part I results, calculate the moles and mass of CaCl2 that were added to the beaker. Calcium chloride solid can act as a desiccant drying agent and is used by recreational vehicle owners to remove moisture from the air in the vehicle during winter storage.

Another systematic error that may have occurred is loss of material during transfer. More specifically, if the limiting reactant was not completely decomposed, there would be excess of the other reagent remaining in the product. I had a perfect percent yield, and a perfect degree of accuracy, but some of my precipitate was lost before it was weighed, so my actual yield would have probably been higher.

Percent Yield of Calcium Carbonate Essay

In this experiment, when the theoretical yield for the combining of 1. It is often difficult as well as impractical to combine just the right amount of each reactant that is required for a particular reactant that is required for a particular reaction to occur.

Use stoichiometric calculations to determine the theoretical mass of CaCO3 precipitate that should have formed. This could have caused some errors in the mass of the precipitate. Put on your lab apron and safety goggles. Write a balanced equation that describes this reaction.

Stoichiometry of a Precipitation Reaction Essay

The errors discussed address the reasons as to why this occurred, and solutions were provided to avoid these errors in the future and increase the accuracy of the experiment. This might have caused some error.

Determining the Limiting Reactant and Percent Yield in a Precipitation Reaction

One way of measuring this is to calculate the percent yield of that particular chemical by using this formula: Record these qualitative observations in your observations table. Reagent Disposal Rinse all solutions down the sink with copious amounts of water.

After the filtering is complete, remove the wet filter paper containing CaCO3 precipitate and suspend it carefully in the third mL beaker. Also, when pouring the mixture of the solutions in the filter, since I originally was holding the filter up to do this, when I dropped it down to actually lay in the paper cup and coffee mug, it slanted over, and some of the mixture fell out which in both cases means that not all of the precipitate was collected.

A solution to this error for future reference would be to use a catalyst to speed up the reaction, or by simply giving the reaction more time so that the net ionic equation of the reactants could form into a precipitate completely.

Percent Yield

This means that less precipitate than was expected was produced due to systematic errors that occurred, causing deviation and a result that is inaccurate.

Clean up all your apparatus.Percent yield is the amount of a product made in the Industries always strive for high percent g of precipitate form.

Percent Yield of a Precipitate Essay Sample

What is the percent yield of the. to compare the actual mass with the theoretical mass of precipitate and calculate the percent yield.

Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your Custom Essay Sample! The purpose of the experiment is to determine the percent yield of the precipitate; Carbon Dioxide and Percent Yield Essay Chase Vandenberg. Purpose The purpose of this investigation is to explore the percent yield of the precipitate in the reaction Online Essay Help; Percentage Yield Lab Answers.

Jun 24,  · How to Calculate Percent Yield in Chemistry. In chemistry, the theoretical yield is the maximum amount of product a chemical reaction could create based on chemical equations%(59). A Precipitation reaction begins by combining two aqueous solutions to form a precipitate, Essay about Stoichiometry of a When we calculated the percent yield.

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Percent yield of a precipitate essay
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