Oil drilling in alaska essay example

Alaska is a wide open area of land that is not really being used for any other reason, so why not? Infor example, both chambers of Congress passed a budget bill that would have opened ANWR to oil exploration.

In recent years, citizens and businesses have become increasingly reliant on the Internet and other electronic devices, which require large amounts of power. Alaska is an area of land that is wild and open.

Although efforts to open ANWR long went unheeded, in recent years they have gained favor among many public officials, bringing the future of the refuge into question. The availability of oil will help the industrialization of many nations; however, in the same measure, the risks to the environment will also substantially increase Berger A failure to open the ANWR field for oil exploration will negatively jeopardize the survival of various companies; BP and Arco Alaska both of whom have invested a lot in this area.

Some public officials, including many Republicans, used those recommendations to rally support for opening the area to oil exploration.

Oil & Gas Drilling In Alaska Wildlife Refuge

Oil and the Natives. On the other hand, only a meager portion of electricity comes from oil. Also, state governments and independent refining companies fear that the employment and job creation will be moved to Alaska from other states Subhankar pp.

Wildlife that might be influenced by an accidental oil spill includes polar bear, caribou, and various fish species that inhabit the water near this region.

Why do oil companies still continue to drill even with the massive oil spills and its dangers? New York Publishers, pp.

As the drilling increases, the occurrence of oil spills tends to follow in the same pace, such trend is sure to exist with more oil drilling in ANWR even as responsible large companies have promised to respond quickly. Moreover, these innovative techniques can help facilitate alternatives for consumers and can help lower the rising cost of petroleum products.

It may be too late to put a stop to the rising prices of gas, especially for traveling seasons like summer. S security by diminishing imported oil dependence.

Retrieved March 7,from http: Most of the Eskimos in the area favor oil leasing primarily because of the opportunities exploration may provide for their economy, which, for the most part, is still primarily rural. Wildlife like the Polar bears will be affected due to the continual loss of sea ice which is their main ecosystem.

Oil Drilling in Alaska

Regardless of how much oil is contained in the refuge, they argue, its unique ecosystems should not be put at risk. Some of the concerns involve the Eskimos, the fossil fuel question, the environmental impact, the disruption drilling has on the sea and the chance of oil spills.

Alaska Oil Drilling Essay

Military family bases in Oahu, Hawaii, which houses more than 5, homes for military personnel and their families, have solar panels on garage roofs that reduce the amount of traditional electricity needed, reducing cost for the consumer and reducing a need in the production thereof, reducing cost for energy related industries.

Their fear is that by opening other oil wells the price of fuel that they will produce will be drastically lowered due to competition and availability. So what do I think about oil drilling in Alaska.

Alaska’s Oil Drilling Debate

This will also impact in the development of the economy in each state of the union. The fresh discoveries will be critically significant to supply. Many people accept that the issue of banning oil production in Alaska results in high fuel prices, creation of large job opportunities and the revenues that are expected.

The issue of relationship between the ANWR oil debate and the environment usually depends on the person that is asked.

Furthermore, they assert, keeping ANWR off-limits to natural resource extraction is a disservice to Alaskan citizens, who would benefit greatly from the economic growth that oil exploration would bring to their state.

These solutions would satisfy both parties in the argument. To alleviate the emergency of frequent blackouts in California and the increasing prices of gasoline, President Bush is promoting the increase in supply of energy instead of decreasing its demand.

It is very natural for environmentalists to campaign and strategize plans against the drilling in a wildlife dense area.

As expected, this proposition of the president has clashed with activists of the environment and with some residents of the targeted area.Offshore Drilling – To Drill or Not to Drill The Effects of Drilling on the Environment and Business Lydia M. Wityk Strayer University Abstract This paper will explore the business of oil companies drilling off the coast line of the United States.

Moreover, prices of oil will not change from drilling oil in Alaska given that the oil amount is minimal in the refuge. Harmful pollution and oil spills are foreseeable effects of this.

An example that sheds light on the conflict between human interests and environmental responsibility is the controversial approval Pro Con Alaska Oil Drilling Essay. Drilling oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is an important issue for environmentalists, Americans, and the future of the United States/5(3).

An example that sheds light on the conflict between human interests and environmental responsibility is the controversial approval of the oil drilling in the Northern Slope region of Alaska and the drilling that has already began, in the Tar Sands of Alberta.

Drilling for Oil in Alaska Essay

Alaska Oil Drilling Essay An example that sheds light on the conflict between human Oil Drilling in Alaska There is believed to be between and.

Oil drilling in alaska essay example
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