Misrepresentation in business law

If the offeree accepts, they accept these terms. Misrepresentation is also called "false pretenses. For example, a drug company working out an acquisition by another company boasts of several "promising" drugs in clinical trials but fails to mention that they likely will not make it to market based on disappointing results.

There has clearly been a misrepresentation, whether it was fraudulent, negligent or innocent is uncertain. The representation was made with the intention that the other party rely on it.

The other party suffered damages as a result of relying on the representation. In order for a misrepresentation to occur it must be proved that the representations induced the contract.

The broker promises that the house is very quiet. So in the real estate broker example, for instance, it was not a reckless disregard for the truth to say the house was Misrepresentation in business law, since many homes may be considered so, even if it was negligent of her as a broker to discover this fact before making any claims.

Link to this page: The general remedy in civil court for all types of misrepresentations is that of rescission. The deal is rescinded; the buyer returns the stereo, and you return the money. What Constitutes Negligent Misrepresentation? Money was advanced but was in fact used to pay off debts.

Fraudulent Misrepresentation

At best, an innocent misrepresentation may affect a contract, a negligent misrepresentation may attract in addition liability for negligence and a fraudulent misrepresentation may attract damages for the fraud and deceit.

The issue is whether Valentino purposefully made false statements, was reckless or innocent in those statements. Recklessly careless means the representee had foreseen it may be false but did not care.

In fraudulent cases the burden of proof is on the claimant, this means the claimant must prove the defendants guilt. If wish to start over, please click the button Start Over. For example, assume that a real estate speculator owns swampland but advertises it as valuable commercially zoned land.

Edgington v Fitzmayricedirectors of a company issued a prospectus inviting debentures saying the money raised would be used for expansion of the company.

Negligent Misrepresentation Lawyers

A misrepresentation must be a representation of fact not of law as you are expected to know the lawopinion or intention. Besides, you will receive all your papers in a timely manner. She simply assumed it.

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The second statement is an intention to install the system at similar businesses. Although there is less stigma attached, the compensation may well be close or equal to that of a successful fraud claim.

A misrepresentation need not be intentionally false to create liability. If Answer are found guilty for negligence they are morally innocent, the representations were not knowingly deceitful or reckless but made without duty of care to TLC who relies on their expertise.

A statement made with conscious ignorance or a reckless disregard for the truth can create liability. Although the broker did not know this, her promise that the house was quiet was made without her having any reason to believe that that was the case.

Therefore, the parties may choose not to rescind the contract -- which restores the parties to their pre-contractual positions -- if this is not possible.


In commercial situations such as this the intent to create a contract is presumed. TLC certainly have a case, and after exploring the facts would be wise to pursue the lesser misrepresentation of negligence under the Misrepresentation Act s 2 1.

A Rescission of a contract returns the parties to the positions they held before the contract was made. Innocent misrepresentations are made when the representor genuinely believes the false statement. Misrepresentation is a tort, or a civil wrong.

The misrepresentation must be both false and fraudulent, in order to make the party making it, responsible to the other for damages.Anyone who runs a business understands that most transactions and agreements are sealed with a contract, even if it's just a handshake.

At its core, contract law regulates the transfer of rights from one party to another, holding each party accountable to the agreed-upon terms.

It's of utmost importance in any contract that both parties are on the same page and acting in good faith. What is misrepresentation? Meaning of misrepresentation as a legal term.

What does misrepresentation mean in law? Misrepresentation legal definition of misrepresentation. lawyer, or accountant, can result in liability. If the speaker is engaged in the business of selling products, any statement, no matter how innocent, may create liability. MISREPRESENTATION IN BUSINESS LAW Treitel in The Law of Contract () defines a contract as: "An agreement giving rise to obligations which are enforced or recognised by law.

The factor which distinguishes contractual from other legal obligations is that they are based on the agreement of the contracting parties."%(1).

Negligent misrepresentation is one of the three recognized varieties of misrepresentations in contract law (along with innocent and fraudulent misrepresentation).

A misrepresentation must be a representation of fact not of law (as you are expected to know the law), opinion or intention. In the case of Answer, Valentino categorically states that the computer system is ‘number one for reliability’ a statement of fact.

Free Essay: Introduction to Business Law- Assignment 1B Advise TLC Ltd. as to any possible action they may have for misrepresentation against answer Ltd.

Misrepresentation in business law
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