Ministry strategy of paul

The direction of his faith and life was by too firmly fixed- first by his Jewish upbringing and then by his submission to Jesus as lord for Hellenism to exercise a decisive influence on his mind. And when they had taken money as security from Jason and the rest, they let them go. Jesus was sent by the Father and does nothing but the will of the Father.

We believe in discipleship and emphasize community by meeting in home churches led by volunteers. He always was mentoring new leadership that he would then send out all over the globe to Paul had many creative ways in which his prison term furthered the gospel.

If any event in the sequence can be dated independently and reliably, the other events can also be dated by counting backward and forward from the peg.

He was the first to bring the gospel to Asia. Edited by Philip Schiff. Perhaps he was Ministry strategy of paul himself even as he wrote to share the gospel with that very soldier he described.

He also managed to plant a church on the island of Malta While in transport to Rome Acts Instead of just producing a church, he reproduced a missionary team that could go from there all over the empire producing churches just as he had once done.

Establishing solid churches in such cities would provide centers for carrying the gospel throughout the world. Many have written on the missionary strategies of Paul in the New Testament. Schnabel points out that this is exactly the description of Jesus we find in the Gospel of John.

He surrounded himself with those who would later carry on the work on their own.

A Chronological Study of Paul's Ministry

While under arrest, Paul saw even "greater progress" in the gospel, without even leaving his front door. Some biographical information on Gallio is available. The gospel must be proclaimed to them as Paul preached to the God-fearers in the synagogues.

Later on, they were directed to their own place of ministry.

Paul the Missionary: Strategy and Method

And the brethren, when they heard about us, came from there as far as the Market of Appius and Three Inns to meet us; and when Paul saw them, he thanked God and took courage. Assigning dates to the events in the list above.

Paul worked at the tent-making trade Acts His world renowned reputation brought many to hear him in his rented quarters where he was given speaking privileges. They wanted to drag the missionaries before the people but because they were unable to find them, the mob took Jason and some of the believers instead.

Van Unit has challenged this assumptions. I plan on blogging through large sections of this book over the next four months as I teach through the book of Acts this semester.

Also, some areas of doctrine are based on chronological assertions, as we shall see in the case of Gal. Paul was converted on the road to Damascus He entered Damascus and stayed there for an unknown amount of time Acts 9: It was an authoritative, life changing message 1 Cor.

With reaffirmation of full acceptance of the Gentiles by faith alone and with instructions on how to fellowship with scrupulous Jewish Christians, it is not surprising that the churches grew daily in numbers Acts2: He believed that every ethnic group had the right to hear the gospel and he would gladly preach to them, but if they adamantly refused the message and persecuted the messenger, no purpose could be served in staying amongst them.

Sequential Outline of the Movements of Paul by Major Periods The first step in studying chronology is to assemble a sequence of events along with all chronological notes. Rather, the lay persons in the local congregation should be trained on how to do follow up of new converts.

There is evidence to support this conclusion from the historian Orossius. Paul stands as a Christian writes as well as a theologian.Mission is what a ministry is on the planet to accomplish, and strategy is how a group is organized to accomplish the mission.

With that definition in mind, ministry leaders must provide clarity on how a church is going to accomplish the mission of making disciples. The Apostle Paul had an evangelism strategy, but it may surprise you. All truth is from the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit. Therefore, the pursuit of truth must.

Utilizing a three-point strategy (Jews first, Decentralized network and Adaptability) Paul spread the gospel of Jesus across much of the known world, ultimately ending up in.

Paul and Silas traveled miles from Philippi to Thessalonica. According to verse one they passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia, but didn’t minister in those cities.

Thessalonica was the capital of Macedonia, with a population of aboutPaul’s master plan. The Apostle Paul’s Evangelism Strategy was characterized by submitting to God the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The Apostle Paul seemed to plan his missionary journeys while seizing the opportunities, or “divine appointments” God placed in front of Him.

Paul’s missionary strategy, simply described, was a strategy of households. The Greek term oikos described familiar domestic household.

Win Arn and Charles Arn asserted, “In the Greco-Roman culture, oikos described not only the immediate family in the house, but included servants, servants’ families, friends, and even business associates.”.

Ministry strategy of paul
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