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The distance-scale ladder topic is dealt with in the Steps to the Hubble Constant document. One chapter is, in effect, a very condensed intro. This article is not part of the regular textbook. Badiou -- Deleuze as a philosopher of the One, not the anarchist people think he is. I suspect Deleuze was quite effective face-to-face Proust and Signs esoteric and really requires you to know Proust, but an important try-out for many subsequent ideas and arguments Coldness and Cruelty aka Masochism --brief notes only on main themes, especially critiques of Freud.

Usefully clarifies a lot of terms. I discuss the celestial sphere, motions of the Sun solar and sidereal days, time zones, equation of time, and seasonsmotions of the Moon phases and eclipses, including my own pictures of some solar eclipsesand planetary motions.

Interview with C Stivale Mostly about politics, but also the work generally. Also HR diagram, spectral types, and spectroscopic parallax. Definitions of astronomy terms used in this website. Still very difficult, requiring a lot of Googling, and lots of leisure, but at least a minimum [sic] of silly stylistic flourishes from Deleuze himself.

Very dense stuff with lots of difficult terminology. My notes on commentaries: Although the homework and exam tips are addressed to my own students, most of these tips will also apply to students at other schools. This chapter covers cosmology: All of the line drawings were done with Create on my old NeXT machine or with Freehand on a wintel laptop and Macintosh at home.

You can also read the lengthy online lectures on Spinoza hereor my abridged version which is a bit shorter here. Indispensable in my view. Life Beyond the Earth.

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Astronomy Without a Telescope. The Preface helpfully summarizes the main themes for Deleuze.

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There are excellent YouTube lectures by Badiou on his own approach. I focus on the rise of modern science in Europe, from the ancient Greeks to Kepler.

After a wet winter inthe California Water Future article explains why water conservation is still needed. These documents were created by Nick Strobel for the introductory astronomy courses he teaches. I end the chapter with a discussion of the major moons in the solar system and ring systems.

Covers refractors, reflectors, radio telescopes, light-gathering power, resolving power, interferometers, magnification, and atmospheric distortion such as seeing, reddening, and extinction.

Other Galaxies and Active Galaxies. Lectures on Leibniz much clearer and simpler, starts at a more basic level.

Continuous thermal spectra, emission lines, absorption lines and the Bohr model for the atom. If you find an old copy, please let the website manager know of the official Astronomy Notes website at www. Stivale asks some good straight questions and sometimes gets insights back -- or massive defensive bullshit.

Doppler Effect and why spectral lines must be used to measure the doppler shifts. This website is offered to the net as a resource in astronomy education. Very good but dense summary of the ontology in Ch 5 Dialogues II. Beautiful Planet photo album of nature photography has imagery of mountains, lakes, streams, waterfalls, large trees, flowers, aurorae, other landscape images and some images of insects and frogs.

I define angular momentum and give several examples of angular momentum in astronomy: Much more simply written re subjectivity, Extends ecology to include the cultural and personal.

Very clear and good discussion. Method for Finding Scientific Truth.

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Rather variable contributions, usually in the form of rather dull videos of lectures, but good value from people like Buchanan and Cole, but with naff video conventions-- see below. Another superb clear commentary which takes in the work on Masoch, Proust and Kafka -- but also summarizes particularly clearly Logic of Sense and AntiOedipus en route.

Applications of those laws esp.Select a course after choosing a department Select a section after choosing a course No Courses Selected! Globalizationorg is dedicated to providing students with information and interdisciplinary learning opportunities on this complex phenomenon.

Our goal is to challenge you to think about many of the controversies surrounding globalization and to promote an understanding of the trade-offs and dilemmas facing policy-makers.

Introductory Psychology: A Guide for the Beginning Psychology Student (Course Textbook and Lecture Notes) [August John Hoffman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. is an IAP course for mechanical engineering sophomores which includes a segment on using MATLAB, focused on how to solve mechanical engineering problems in MATLAB.

If you missed a class, or just want to learn what the class is teaching, take a look at the lecture notes. Note that Google search will first show several advertisement sites before it lists the relevant Astronomy Notes pages. Topic Model Organisms. Plants are a diverse group of organisms with different adaptations to a wide variety of environments.

Consequently, some plants have characteristics that make them easy to grow and study in the lab.

Introductory lecture notes for a course
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