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Tsang was first directly elected to the Legislative Council in the first post-handover election inrepresenting the Kowloon West constituency. Political career[ edit ] Stepping into politics[ edit ] Despite the events of Gang of Four and the political instability, Tsang remained faithful to the Communist Party of China.

He was one of the members of the "Group of 38" proposal consisting of educators with leftist background led by Basic Law Consultative Committee member Cheng Kai-nam which put forward a middle-of-the-ground proposal between the uncompromising rift of the pro-business conservative " Group of 89 " and the pro-democracy liberal " Group of " proposals.

In the mid s, Tsang was actively involved in the discussion of the drafting of the Basic Law of Hong Kongthe mini-constitution after the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong in As the ally of the Tung administration, the DAB suffered criticisms with the unpopular government. He is widely assumed to be a member of the Chinese Communist Party, in part because, when asked directly, he has stated only that, "Since the foundation of the DAB, I have been asked whether I am a Communist Party member many times.

After the legislative vote of the Hong Kong electoral reform in which the pro-Beijing legislators undertook a controversial and embarrassing walkout, the Oriental Daily published leaked messages in which Tsang was seen to have discussed voting strategy with a pro-Beijing legislator in a WhatsApp group before the electoral reform package and suggesting the legislators delay their speeches so that the pan-democrats could not control the timing of the vote.

Due to his good education background, Tsang became a high-flyer within the leftist camp.

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After the election, he was elected to the presidency of the Legislative Council, replacing the retired Rita Fan. He apologised to the legislators but refused to resign. In February Tsang was discovered to have a critical heart condition and underwent angioplasty surgery.

He became the supervisor of the school and was also the supervisor of a newly established direct-subsidised school, the Pui Kiu College.

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Tsang was also criticised for the manner in which he presided over Legislative Council meetings, which led to walkout protests, though he was generally perceived to be fair and accommodating and enjoyed friendly relations with both pro-Beijing and pan-democratic members. After the massacre on 4 June, he told the reporters that he was "shocked and sad".

He went on to become the principal of the Piu Kiu Middle School in until he left his position to become a full-time politician. Inhis support rating was And I can say frankly, I have never answered this question. He received around 16, votes, 43 per cent of the total vote share. DAB Chairman[ edit ] After the defeat of the traditional leftist candidates in the first direct election of the Legislative Council by the pro-democracy candidates of the United Democrats of Hong Kong in the wake of the pro-democracy sentiment after the Tiananmen incident inTsang and other leftists founded the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong under the call of director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office Lu Ping to gear up the "patriotic force" in the territory.

He was previously married to Young Sun-yee. Inhe went back to Guangzhou with his mother and was impressed by the socialist life there.

He studied Mathematics at the University of Hong Konggraduating with first class honours. He said he would stand against incumbent Leung Chun-yingexpected to seek a second term, in order "to offer a genuine choice". After the downfall of Gang of Four inTsang began to question his own socialist beliefs.

On the Tiananmen Square protests, which he referred to as "suppressing students was surely wrong. He was subsequently elected to the Provisional Legislative Council in by the Beijing-controlled Selection Committee.

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He was subsequently appointed to the Preparatory Committee for the establishment of Hong Kong. Tsang grew his patriotic sentiments and interest in Marxism by reading the leftist newspaper Wen Wei Po which his father brought home from work everyday and worshipped Qian Xuesena reowned scientist who returned to the mainland from the United States in the s.

Tsang received his primary and secondary education at St. He proclaimed himself a Marxist and studied works of Karl Marx and Mao Zedong with like-minded classmates at a time when the majority of the students at the University of Hong Kong supported the colonial rule and had negative views on the communist regime in China.Fury of the Fist and the Golden Fleece Storm God Rush Hour 3 Triad Assassin () 24 Zhou's Team Member #2 ( The Glimmer Man Car Jacker / Thug ().

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Fury at thug triad barbs
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