Festival of buffalo fights

Leading the procession is a big sedan — chair carried by 12 strong young men, followed by the team with drums and gramophones. The buffalo of cylindrical earthernware-jar neck should be avoided because it cannot bend its head for long. In my point of view, i doesnt like it.

When the defeated runs away, the winner immediately runs after its rival.

Thousands of people watch the competition in rain. A buffalo that has four tufts of hair or two linked tufts of hair on its body is considered good. People on one side move three steps forward, while people on the other side move three steps backward. The dead buffalo was pulled out by 20 people. A man is disappointed when the buffalo of his home team lost in the fight.

According to the rules, there are three matches: It is also rich in folk culture, due to an annual festival of buffalo fights held on the 9th day of the 8th lunar month.

He repeats this greeting three times.

Buffalo Fighting

It would seem more reasonable to have 3 matches, because in this round, the winner in the first match will have to fight with the third one, which is having a rest. This must be a big buffalo with a board chest, big thighs, and a strong, long, round neck, which should be a little smaller towards the head.

The gifts offered to the gods are contributed by 14 small hamlets, one of which gives one buffalo, one pig and one basket of sticky rice to make steamed glutinous rice. Eight pairs were chosen for the finals on February In some years the match lasts through the evening.

Do Son was divided into 3 smaller villages Dong, Nam, Doai.

Amazing Buffalo Fight | Hai Luu Viet Nam Festival 2018| [ 24 vs 28] Fight to death 16 01 2018

Tens of thousands of spectators were surprised. In the middle of the 5th lunar month, the selection of fighting buffaloes begins in the small hamlets. This is to ask the gods to help them buy a good buffalo so that it can win the fight this year.

The first ranking includes Do Scfn and Do Hai. After the ceremony, those who have been chosen set out to buy the buffalo. The training period usually begins in May.

When the 2 buffaloes are 20 metres from each other, they stop. After raising enough money, the head of the hamlet holds a meeting with the old people in the hamlet who have experience in buffalo fighting to make offerings to the gods and to choose someone to buy a buffalo.

The buffalo collectors have the tasks of restraining the winner.

The champion is the buffalo of Mr.Step Out Buffalo’s listing of festivals in Buffalo and all over Western New York including music, art, food, agriculture, fitness, awareness, and comedy festivals. You don’t have to be a Coachella hippie to enjoy a great festival.

Buffalo fights off two lions in SIX hour battle in South Africa

On 16th and 17th of the first lunar month, tens of thousands of visitors go to witness the Hai Luu buffalo fighting festival in Song Lo district, Vinh Phuc province.

This is one of the most ancient folklore festivals, which has been preserved with its pristine characteristics.

Buffalo Fighting Festival in Vietnam

Legend has it that the. Jul 19,  · Watch video · Rhino vs Buffalo Fight, Fight to Death the Rhinoceros Against the Buffalo. Thousands of people annually gathered at the stadium of Do Son Town, Hai Phong City to witness the attractive performances of buffalos within the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival, an outstanding and unique festival one in Vietnam which is associated with different legends.

However, sometimes the fight may turn more aggressive as the buffalo’s push each other within the arena. It is rumoured that prices to enter are around baht for men and women enter free.

However, prices do change and prime seats may be more expensive. 2 Comments. Buffalo Fighting Festival was happend many times at many places in Vietnam every year. The fiercest fight is the one between the buffalo of Mr. Hoang Van Toan from Do Son town, Hai Phong city and the buffalo of a company from Phuc Tho district, Hanoi.

The buffalo from Hai Phong was killed immediately in the first second of the fight, after.

Festival of buffalo fights
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