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Special Collections and Archives. Permission to publish material from the Eugene England papers must be obtained from the Special Collections Manuscript Curator.

Making Peace: Personal Essays

Air Force, and received a Special Graduate from M. Paxton processed boxes 1, and in England was affiliated with many other associations, including: Despite an operation that removed two golf-ball sized cysts and a portion of a tumorhe died on 17 August Since that time the Mormon personal essay has indeed increased in availability and conscious quality.

Original folder titles were maintained where possible. Processing Note Processed by Charlotte Hansen in My final essay is about such enduring—in the face of the unanswerable paradoxes I have explored throughout and the continuing injustice, suffering, and suspicion, as well as wonder and joy and service that our lives as Mormon humans are made up of.

During his time at BYU, England published most of his books and writings, including many of his personal essays.

Eugene England papers AccnBox [ ]. He grew up in Downey, Idaho, working on a wheat farm.

I have been as true to his example as I know how as I have chosen what experiences to grapple with and have [p. Those relationships require that we curb our radical egotism in obedience and self-sacrifice, even at the cost of what seems our precious integrity.

A Journal of Mormon Thought, Ensign, Exponent II, and Sunstone for permission to publish certain of the following essays, as indicated in the headnotes. He explores the problem of unity among diversity; partisan politics; why Nephi killed Laban; h If repentance signifies a change of mind and heart, this book repented me.

The fundamental opposition, the most fruitful paradox, is that our lonely eternal selves can only flower into full selfhood in relationship with other eternal selves, particularly [p.

Eugene England

But he was forced to leave when some of his students expressed interest in Mormonism and their parents complained. While at Stanford, England met Wesley Johnson and together the two men conceived of and announced the formation of an academic journal on Mormon culture, Dialogue: It expresses part of what it has been like for me, over the past few years, as I have, in constant dialogue with myself and others—particularly Charlotte—struggled to be faithful in the tragic quest that my testimony of Joseph Smith and his Church have called me to.

England graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English in Detailed Description of the Collection. This chapter is a must-read for everyone moving to Utah.

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While at Stanford, he cofounded Dialogue inan independent Mormon studies journal.Dialogues With Myself Personal Essays on Mormon Experience [Eugene England] Eugene england essays *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. We sell the best products!/5(2). EUGENE ENGLAND MEMORIAL PERSONAL ESSAY CONTEST. Due date extended to November 1, ! In the spirit of Gene’s writings, entries should relate to Latter-day Saint experience, theology, or worldview.

Eugene England: Personal Essay: Includes: What It Means to Be a Mormon Christian, pages Eugene England: Personal Essay: Reviewed in [Review of] Dialogues with Myself: Susan B.

Taber: Review: Reviewed in [Review of] Dialogues with Myself and Why the Church Is As True As the Gospel by Eugene England. I appreciate the “Why the Church is True” essay by England,and have loved the testimony Eugene England in other writings I’ve read.

I get nervous when I read that there are those who are afraid to speak up in Elders. The Eugene England papers () consist of L.D.S. service, university teaching, and research materials in addition to manuscripts, essays, articles, poems, book reviews, lectures, speeches, news clippings, editorial work, and correspondence.

England was a critic, essayist, teacher, and a scholar in the field of Mormon literature. Eugene England (–) (his website can be found here) was one of the founders and great leaders in Mormon Studies and independent Mormon discussions. He and four others founded Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, for.

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