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He is unreasonably suspicious that Finny is out to get him. Knowles Lepers image of the war was the complete opposite of what it really was. To escape the wolf pack which all the other players became he created reverses and deceptions and acts of sheer mass hypnotism, which were, so extraordinary they surprised even him.

Gene begins abandoning his identity and assimilating that of Finny because of the would be the guilt he feels for ending his Olympic dreams.

What does Finny really think of the war? Phineas, Leper, and Gene, innocent young men are irrevocably affected by the war. So by onvincing Gene to prepare for the Olympics and not the war it assures that he will not be completely left out. Like the youth at Devon school?

For all the camaraderie between them, these boys are still driven by good old healthy competition, which at times can end up being, well, less than healthy. Why is it important that the Devon runs into the Naguamsett and the Naguamsett runs into the sea? Unfortunately he did not even make it past boot camp before he went insane: In doing so he is leaving his youth behind.

How is Gene not a "best pal" to Finny? Explain your answers with references to the novel. The war had an increasingly dramatic effect on Finny throughout out the novel. Towards the middle of the novel we begin to scrutinize change in Finny. Leper follows his own set of rules and is separate from the rest of the boys mostly.

As the story develops, the initial trust that exists between reader and narrator gradually frays, as we realize that Gene, while probably not lying about the events of the story, is clearly withholding information about his own motivations for, or reactions to, the deeds of himself and others.

How does Knowles use the rivers to make his point about innocence and experience? Friendship blurs identity, as one boy begins to assimilate the life of the other. Though Gene tries to confess, Finny will not listen to him. Using the events of the book as examples of the necessary connections that are essential to the process of development, the authors explore male adolescent growth.

Skiers in white shrouds winged down virgin slopes, silent as angles, and then, realistically, herringboned up again, but herringboned in cheerful, sunburned bands, with clear eyes and white teeth and chest full of vigor-laden mountain air.

Narrator Gene has an inner struggle with himself trying to decide if he pushed best firend Finn off a tree, shattering his leg and dreams, on purpose or not. Thus, throughout the novel, even as Gene is theoretically opening up to the reader, an important part of him remains sealed off.

Finny uses the war as an excuse for almost everything he did. Like Gene, Brinker grows over the course of the novel. The new Gene finally thinks of the war as a reality. Its symbolic meanings are numerous: This confidence is based on a physical prowess which makes him the best athlete in the school.

He could not handle the pressure.

Soon they share the same dreams and illusions: In A Separate Peace John Knowles explores the difficulties with understanding ones own identity during adolescence. How does it relate to the title of the book? Do his feelings change over the course of the novel?While there are a plethora of themes in John Knowles’ novel, A Separate Peace, one of the most significant themes is friendship.

The World. STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS FOR A SEPARATE PEACE Chapter 1 1. Where did the narrator return to? How long had passed since he had been there last? 2. What two. A Separate Peace study guide contains a biography of John Knowles, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

A Separate Peace; Study Questions; Suggested Essay Discuss the relationship between codependency and identity in A Separate Peace and how these concepts help. Previous Full Glossary for A Separate Peace.

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Pop Quiz! Full Glossary for A Separate Peace; Essay Questions Practice Projects. Here is what one critic has written about Knowles’s use of symbolism in A Separate Peace. rhetorical question, AP English 10 – A Separate Peace – Essay.

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Essay questions for a separate peace
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