Environmental news coverage in bangladesh

The water resource of Bangladesh becomes a major health hazard due to arsenic contamination, inadequate solid waste and industrial effluent management.

Nazmul Chowdhury research on noise pollution in Dhaka city on Feb Nitrogen oxides cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

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Central and South American cities such as Mexico City and Santiago experience frequent ozone problems. Environmental education program has been incorporated in primary and higher education. Carbon monoxide hampers the growth and mental development of an expected baby.

At present noise level in Dhaka city are estimated ranging from 60 to decibel. The water pollution caused due to industrialization. These are as follows: Government must take necessary steps to remove sulfur content from diesel through hydro-desulphurization HDS process.


Environmental technologies and methods such as Geographic Information Systems GISremote sensing and environmental impact assessment might be used for integrated policy formulation, decision-making, evaluation and monitoring of environment.

Cities in the South East Asia such as Delhi, Bangkok and Manila suffer from high levels of lead, particulate matter, and oxides of sulfur. According to the Department of Environment DOEthe perfect sound condition for Bangladesh is 45 dB for the daytime and 35 dB for the night in peaceful areas and 50 dB for the daytime and 40 dB for the night in residential areas.

It is more prone in case of Bangladesh. Technological advancement has brought revolutionary changes in life style and national economy with overwhelming power over nature. Comparison of Air Pollution in World Mega cities 6.

The whole world is now more afraid of pollution rather than nuclear blast. The DOE has been empowered to punish the offenders of environmental rules. Any sort of noise pollution seriously affects expecting mothers.

The national ambient air quality standards of Bangladesh and amount of pollutants in the air of Dhaka city is shown below: Agro based industries like sugar, pulp, paper, tanneries and value added industries like textile, garments, pharmaceutics, oil refineries, fertilizer and chemical industries are the major contributors for air pollution.

Sound pollution causes deafness to heart attack. A comparison of air pollution in mega cities of the world is as follows: Water pollution creates serious health hazard for Bangladesh. The death rate in the year mainly due to environmental pollution is as follows. Necessary steps are to be taken to protect the environment for our own existence.

The most dangerous threat emanating from environmental degradation is the arsenic contamination of ground water. The air pollution percentage of most five industrial sectors of Bangladesh in the year is shown below: The Bangladesh Government has taken a rural sanitation programme from October to implement the facilitation, construction and installation of twin pit latrine.

Industries cause air and water pollution through smoke emission, inadequate solid waste management and dumping of untreated effluent to lakes, rivers and ground water. More than rivers of Bangladesh directly or indirectly receive a large quantity of untreated industrial wastes and effluent.

Control of Arsenic Pollution. The acceptable level of arsenic in drinking water is 0. Arsenic in ground water poses a serious environmental hazard for Bangladesh.

Government must replace old vehicles, two-stroke engine vehicles, improve traffic conditions and promote an equivalent and efficient alternative public transportation services to improve urban transport management.

Lead affects the circulatory, nervous and reproductive systems as well as affects kidney and liver including liver cancer or cirrhosis. Indoor air pollution is mainly associated with the use of biomass fuels during cooking with poor ventilation.

It is a serious but neglected issue throughout Bangladesh. Air pollution is a serious environmental health hazard affecting the populations of Bangladesh.

The main sources of noise pollution are industries, motorized vehicles, construction works and indiscriminate use of loudspeaker. Detect the reasons for arsenic contamination in soil water and find out the sources of safe drinking water. Water pollution percentage of most five industrial sectors of Bangladesh in the year is shown below: This paper provides an overview of different environmental problems of Bangladesh and discusses the ways to improve it Keywords:ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION OF BANGLADESH – IT’S EFFECT AND CONTROL G.

M. Jahangir Alam. The government of Bangladesh has modified environmental acts, rules and laws to improve environmental condition. It improves rural sanitation coverage and reduces infectious diseases in rural areas. 5. AIR POLLUTION IN MEGA-CITIES.

Bangladesh: Protecting The Environment And Natural Resource Management

Manatees are turning up dead in rivers in Mexico’s southeastern state of Tabasco, and a hastily assembled network of environmental advocates, academics and government officials . Guatemala Guatemala sets new green-compliance deadline.

Several findings have criticized the quality of the environmental news coverage. InRoba environmental reporting in Bangladesh.

She found that newspapers gave a special attention to global climate change issues, impacts and debates, which were particularly relevant to. The Sundarbans forest, a which is the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the world and home to several endangered species, is being threatened by “heedless industrialization”, according to a UN rights expert, who on Tuesday, called on the Government of Bangladesh to halt the process.

Environment + Bangladesh. Deaths of three children and a woman highlight environmental impacts of Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar into forested hills of Balukhali Why more coverage of.

Recent Blog Posts and News Coverage. 27 Julyby Jonathan Gilligan, Workshop on River Navigability and Inland Shipping in Bangladesh: Economic Importance and Impacts of Environmental Change On a recent trip to Bangladesh I collaborated with Dr. Bishawjit Mallick (Chair of Environmental Development and Risk Management at Technische.

Environmental news coverage in bangladesh
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