Describe a peaceful place

In short, those who are disconnected from peach and inner harmony or those who want to strengthen their connection with peach visit such places. This was an unforgettable venue for nighttime activities.

My idea for an essay is about being content with achieving the The island is divided into two districts — Billiton District, the key locality of the island and also the main attractive place, and the remaining part is known as the East Belitung District. A performance or athletic venue: This is also the 25th largest desert in the world.

I can get fresh air, meet some of my relatives, enjoy the country life and stay close to nature here and for all those reasons, I like this place very much. The one thing that offers a sense of balance to the intensity is when I drive my 5 speed car and listen to music.

The temperature in the area is higher than average. Because of the river the air is a little humid and cool throughout the year. The description should not be the bulk of your essay. Be Careful When You "Describe": After completing the break, either I have to get engaged in my family business or I have to seek my own fortune out of my family.

We actually enjoyed the nighttime activities, passing nights in camps and more other enjoyable activities. The flow of the river is shallow and slow here. I went to Iran for a business trip for a week and luckily completed the tasks before the deadline.

The average temperature of the locality is measured as Celsius. Also, I try to enjoy the weather and vibes of this place. The hotel was located in the coastal area, a beautiful place I have never seen before.

What do you do or experience there and why is it meaningful to you? The desert was a peaceful place for many reasons. It was the greatest lesson of my life. My visit to the Loot Desert was a wonderful experience and the place was extremely beautiful.

Many have interpreted this question to be asking about a place where they are at peace.Talk about a peaceful place that you like.

Describe a Peaceful Place You Visit Regularly

You should say: where the place is; what it looks like; how did you come to know about this place; and explain why do you like that place.

Nov 20,  · Free Essays on Describe A Peaceful Place. Search. Three places worth visiting in Japan  Essay A Three places worth visiting in Japan Japan is a Southeast Asian island country which is encircled by the Pacific Ocean and the Japan Ocean.

And it also has several neighbouring countries including China, Korea, and Australia. Describe the. The desert was a peaceful place for many reasons.

First of all, it was a calm place and there were fewer crowds. Due to the geographical location and excessive temperature, people did not prefer this place.

But I found a wonderful beauty of nature there.

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This was an unforgettable venue for nighttime activities. Many have interpreted this question to be asking about a place where they are at peace. Indeed, that is one way to read the question, and being in a peaceful state is one type of content state.

Describe a peaceful place

But the word "content" can mean much more than a state of peacefulness. Describe a peaceful place that you have visited You should say Where the place is When you visited this place What you did there Why you think it was peaceful.

I am a peaceful trader, and I am not wont to be so shouted at upon so small a matter. She approached the bed, to discover if Mary's sleep were peaceful. He would, he said, do his utmost to secure the peaceful passage of the troops.

It is a peaceful place, and .

Describe a peaceful place
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