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It took up a place of prominence in the health care industry inwhen it was initially discovered as a new, more malignant strain of influenza. Order now Course Description: I believe that education of the family and patient is very important to the current care plan, and the future planning for the patient.

View Full Essay Words: Monitor health trends and identity health risk factors unique to specific communities. Tell people about locally available health care programs and improve access to care. There are a number of measures that are used to cope with swine flu and to ideally prevent its occurrence.

Public health nursing has a broader base of practice, caring for the entire community, where community nursing has a more specific group or section of the society.

Again, the result of this aspect of the health care reform measure is that it should make it possible to increase the general wellness of the American people.

Community Health Nursing Essay

Instead of waiting to be admitted to a hospital, they go into communities to try and to say if their job, the job descriptions correlate. Advocate with local, state, and federal authorities to improve access to health services for underserved communities.

The role of the public health nurse as defined in a job description is as Community health nursing essay paper Health care Community health nursing is defined as a synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promoting and preserving the health of populations, according to the ANA in Nurses have four fundamental responsibilities to promote health, to prevent illness, to restore health and alleviate suffering.

It promotes engagement of healthy lifestyles among individuals and families within the community. Facilitate active family participation in health assessment and the promotion of health lifestyles and health care decisions.

Educate and provide direct health care services to vulnerable and at risk populations. Community health nursing is a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice applied in promoting and preserving the health of populations.

Using the family as the essential unit of care across all environments within the community, critical thinking and clinical decision-making processes will facilitate the design, management, and provision of care to modify risk factors.

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Whether a nurse renders health services to individuals, family, or the community, there should be a consistency in ethics and integrity. As far as distinguishing between public health nursing, community health nursing, and community based nursing, they are different in many ways.

Other measures that should be taken in order to control the spread of this virus are more preventative in nature.

Community Health Nursing

Describe the current focus of state, national and global health objectives. Forms of preventative treatments, for example, will not require copayments. Emphasized in this job description, is the advantage for the patient.

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Researchers were even able to come up with a vaccine midway through that could be used for patients who reached life threatening levels of complications due to swine flu.

Early on in the development of the epidemic outbreak of this environment that was most prevalent in andit was determined that antiviral drugs such as zanamivir and oseltamivir were important deterrents in counteracting the effects of this virus.

Design and implement health education campaigns and disease prevention activities, such as immunizations and screenings. Still, it was quickly ascertained that the most popular way that this condition spread was actually from inter-human contact.

Research linked this particular form of influenza to the type of this virus that is related to pigs -- some of the earliest reports of swine flu came from people who were either near pigs or had direct exposure to pigs.

Doing so will allow more people who are not financially able to afford health care visits to access nurses and doctors at those facilities and get the treatments they require.

Utilize principles of public health core functions and health education to formulate population focused health promotion interventions that address the goals of state, national and international objectives outcomes.

Define health promotion and population-focused nursing practice. Since all nurses should adhere to these four fundamental responsibilities, there should not be more than one code of ethics for nurses. When comparing the nursing code of ethics of different types of nursing, I find that there is no difference.

I do not see any evidence that these nurses are involved in policy formulation, unless they are involved with an agency dictating policy.The purpose of this paper is to determine a priority health problem of a Community health nursing is a synthesis of Community Health Nursing Essay.

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Community health nursing is defined as a synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promoting and preserving the health.

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Sometimes professionals can also use datasets to collect health information on a community in written Community Health Paper? nursing papers. Free Essay: Community Health Assessment of Chamberlain College of Nursing NR Fall Session, November Audrey L.

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Community health nursing essay paper
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