Chicago booth business plan competition

Course information from University of Chicago, Chicago Booth Executive Education Please note that instructors are subject to change and not all instructors teach in each session of the program.


He is currently an associate partner at Edgewater Funds. His findings and opinions regularly appear in prominent business media. Understand essential questions that board members should be asking management and outside experts, regarding financing, disclosure, governance, succession planning, compensation, and litigation.

Develop frameworks for prudent legal strategies that help boards navigate in litigious environments. Students build teams and apply to participate. Evaluate the role of the board in strategy development, evaluation, and evolution. The student teams evaluate the available investment options and decide which company to invest in, how much to invest, and how to structure the deal.

Real venture capitalist investors including Chicago Booth alumni act as judges and provide feedback both to the entrepreneurs and to the students. Tuesday, October 31,5: Boards must focus on performance, not conformance. Faculty members from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Stanford Law School, harness their knowledge, research, and expertise to provide a dynamic, cross-disciplinary executive program focusing on the role of directors in driving and sustaining corporate success even in uncertain times.

His course in entrepreneurial finance and private equity is consistently among the most popular in the school. He earned his Ph. His research focuses on the use of structural econometric methods to study consumer and firm decisions.

Learn what Audit Committee members should know about revenue recognition, off-balance sheet financing, and accounting methods and disclosures.

In light of regulatory changes and reduced public confidence, becoming an educated board director is a necessity, not an option. Sanjog Misra Charles H. Real-world entrepreneurs who are currently seeking funding present their businesses to student teams.

Greg graduated magna cum laude from Duke University. The result of an unparalleled academic partnership, this program combines powerful ideas and strategic insights to deliver an incomparable executive learning experience for corporate board members. Selected teams then play the role of mock venture capital firms evaluating real companies.


Kaplan co-founded the entrepreneurship program at Booth. He is the only faculty member at Chicago Booth to have received the Phoenix Award for service to students outside of the classroom in four consecutive years.

He serves on the advisory board of Correlation Ventures and Sandbox Industries.

About the Chicago Booth VCIC

After analyzing business plans, meeting the CEOs, and conducting abbreviated due diligence, the student teams then present a term sheet to judges in a simulated partner meeting, and a select few teams negotiate with the actual entrepreneur in front of the judging panel. His papers on LBOs and private equity are the standard references in the field.Schedule and Key Dates Most other business schools and graduate entrepreneurship programs host a single day or weekend business plan competition for their students interested in entrepreneurship.

The Chicago Booth GNVC is different. It is structured to meet the unique schedule needs of Chicago Booth executive MBA students. Archived News & Features Two Chicago Booth Teams Place at Top in Rice Business Plan Competition.

Introducing the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Antitrust and Competition conference - Digital Platforms and Concentration April 19–20, Gleacher Center, N Cityfront Plaza Drive. Welcome to our culture of inquiry and innovation at Chicago Booth.

education business plan competition; Booth of Chicago Booth School of Business. Faculty members from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, With his students, he helped start Booth’s business plan competition.

Schedule and Key Dates Most other business schools and graduate entrepreneurship programs host a single day or weekend business plan competition as their New Venture Challenge. The NVC at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is different.

It is not just a competition.

Chicago booth business plan competition
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