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What in the world was ice fishing? My family prospered in this new country and we proudly became Canadian citizens. Everyone is treated equally despite their race, sex, religion, values, beliefs, customs, traditions, etc.

Canada is a nation where the culture of peace has the deepest roots. Recently, when father took ill, I asked him if he ever regretted leaving Italy. Without a shadow of doubt, Canada was the place he ever wanted to settle down with his family.

Everyone including immigrants are welcome to share in the countrys prosperity and community life. They have the best educated people with the highest literacy rate in the world. A country which has freedom to do whatever a citizen wants as far as it is ethically correct.

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I was not happy at the thought of leaving my friends and school, but most of all my Nana and Grandpa whom I loved very much. As an immigrant, we chose to move to Canada for sure because here we have the better conditions, which we need. Just as I am proud to be a small town, son of a coast guard, hockey loving Canadian.

Compared to Sri Lanka, Canada is safer. Our ship docked at Quebec City and we were taken to a large warehouse where we were processed to enter Canada. Canada offers free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies and makes it mandatory for students to attend school until they are years old.

However, our story begins on July 1stthe day Canada officially became a country. New Canadian citizens receive Canadian flags after a citizenship ceremony.

I am grateful that Canada does not have the same worries of natural disasters which places such as Sri Lanka has. Where Canada shines There are several areas in which other countries could learn from Canada.

With our meager possessions in tow, my parents and I set sail from the port of Genoa for Canada.

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I even entered law school and became a lawyer. When locked, the chains create an armour, an armour of heart, one heart which will not be broken.


I was barely five months old when my life was to forever change. A better future by Calvin Pan My parents immigrated to Canada from China at the turn of the millennium. In many parts of Sri Lanka it was dangerous to go outside at night, whether to walk or drive.

I feel completely at home in my adopted country and rarely think of myself as an immigrant even though technically I am. I thought they were the houses and commented that they were smaller than our house in England.

Everything was so systematic and organized, I can proudly say there is no turning back. I still remember that frigid day in April when we disembarked from the plane. Some neighbour girls could not.

The working-age poverty rate rose to Continue to fight, create and innovate by Julia Mastroianni My pride in being Canadian has evolved with me over the years, from a very simple pride in the country I was born in affording me the privileges I have access to, to a more complex version where my pride was linked directly to the human rights advances our country has made, to where I am now.

Canada has produced some very well-known comedians: In Canada, and especially Markham, multiculturalism allows us to experience different cultures and foods.13 Reasons It’s Great To Be Here are 13 often-overlooked reasons it's awesome to live in Canada. Parks Canada has a visitor centre to help guide you.

Great areas to live, jobs, over one-quarter of Canada’s total population – live in this densely populated which is best place to live in? In term of ICT.

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Coldwater was a great place to grow up.

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worship and live in peace. Canada is a nation where the culture of peace has the. Start your life in Canada. Learn about living in Canada and find out how to get the help you weeks of life in Canada including how to find a place to live. Nov 07,  · ok i have to write this LOONG essay and i need help.

Write a short paragraph on why Canada is the best place to live (or WOULD be the best place to live =])Status: Resolved.

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Canada is a great place to live essay help
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