Baby dumping causes and effects essay

Cause and Effects of Baby Dumping

Because at that stage,the pregnant woman are actually in the level of anxiousness to be charged guilty for their selves and their family.

Some of the parents even find many ways to kill their baby such as throw their baby from higher place. At the same time, due to baby dumping too, occurrence of collapse of family institution.

Nowadays, we can see, as the centuries risen parallel as well as the education standard within the civilization, in positive side, it helping people to more understand about what is surround us.

What they worried is surrounding neighbourhood those who definitely regard with a suspicion and negative with their family.

Effect of Baby Dumping Essay

Furthermore,rape also another factor that causes baby dumping. The society is not yet ready to be open-minded, they tend to have a very bad thought and perception towards the pregnant woman, makes them feel low, lost confidence to face the world, and in order to have it back, they decide to act repugnantly dump the baby.

Furthermore, high school students are too immature to fully understand the effects of free sex could have on their lives.

Panic of being pregnant unexpectedly, they take a risk to abort the baby before their family aware of the physical changes later on. Nevertheless,poverty also another factor that causes baby dumping scenario in this society.

On the other hand,moral values are the guiding principals which held in high esteem by a particular society. Most of the parents failed to inject the knowledge of sex into the mind of their children when their children were small.

This will increase the risk of death which is caused by non-stop bleeding in stomach because they do not have any medical tools help them to stop bleeding.

Hire Writer Start from this point, they may tend to find the difference ways to get all what they have lost, yes, the closest members is from their friend in their education groups at the some case wandering from online chatting that can easily found in diverse website.

For those who are still a full time student, they have to do their school work and a lot of tuitions are waiting for them. Psychologists believe the force by closest members or family can cause the drastic change of action and disturbing the human morality thinking.

For individuals, cause by illegal way of aborting the child and left a bad effect on them because of the wrong path, they use to abort the baby just like herbs and alcoholic substances. Moreover,rape case can be classified more baffling in this society because it still happening in this millennium century.

Its is regarded inhuman and very disturbing for a women to flow away their own blood and yet claims to be leaders for tomorrow.

Another factor contributing to the increasing of baby dumping cases is lack of knowledge either in moral side or religious side. Baby dumping leads to kids starving since nobody is there to take of them and they might have no one o give them food nor water and always end up dying in which this increase the number of infants mortality in the country Conclusion In conclusion baby dumping have a very impact in our Namibian nation and it largely affects the individuals in our country, it brings in decency to the society and it also increases the number of infant mortality rate in the country.

They can even watch on other technological gadgets like mobile phones, Ipad, PSP, without their parents knowing. Therefore, children gain less information of sex. Baby dumping may also results from the families or the parents itself.

Baby dumping causes Essay

The hatred to the culprit interprets to risk the baby life, by tendency to abandon it somewhere out of their sign. High Number of the infant mortality rate Baby dumping have a very big effect on the well being of the babies, it affects the baby both physically and in their mental states as well.

There are not aware of them until they bleed unconscious. They face a higher mortality rate. Religion assures a greater reward in the after life to worldly failures than to successful life. Poverty is also another factor that causes in child dumping scenario in this country. For sure the problem is abortion and baby dumping.

This case cause individual likely blood lost, germs infection and injury during delivery.Effects to the individuals There is a number of individuals that gets so affect by the issue of baby dumping, such big things happenings affects them both emotionally and psychologically - Effects.

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Effects of Baby Dumping

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Baby dumping causes and effects essay
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