Analysis of the hunger games

One or a few took control and for one reason or another felt they needed force and brutality in order to keep it.

For these rich tributes, it is an honor to compete in the Games, while for the poor tributes it is essentially a death sentence. Whatever did happen, it is clear that it was some major disaster that left only a handful of survivors and limited resources for them to live on. And of course, anytime people start fearing for Analysis of the hunger games life or well being they stop thinking about what is best for society and chaos ensues.

Otherwise people will adopt an every man for himself mentality and chaos will ensue. In exchange for extra rations of food and oil, called tesserae, those children eligible for the Hunger Games can enter their names into the reaping additional times. Themes The inequality between rich and poor In Panem, wealth is heavily concentrated in the hands of the rich, particularly those people living in the Capitol and certain of the districts, and the result is a huge disparity between their lives and the lives of the poor.

Perhaps the best example of the inequality between rich and poor can be seen in the tessera system and the way the tributes are selected for the Games. But not everyone will — or should. Mature viewers, however, will find much to ponder here — even in the midst of despair and chaos.

Indeed in Mockingjay, Katniss is so distraught about Peeta being taken by the Capital that she refuses to go along with procedures in District 13 until he is rescued. In theory, the lottery by which tributes are chosen, called the reaping, is random and anyone can be picked.

Reality television, the novel suggests, is a form of objectification. In essence, the Games are the equivalent of a televised sporting event in which several participants compete to win.

Katniss hides her tears during the Games for a similar reason, as self-pitying tributes are unattractive to sponsors. And I came up with…nothing. During a crisis like this, people adopt an "every man for himself" mentality which makes it hard for any government to maintain control. And Jennifer Lawrence turns in a career-defining performance as Katniss.

Other minor themes in the book include morality, obedience, sacrifice, redemption, love and law. However, since moving to the spaceship, they have also lost interpersonal communication.

Through these events, the novel suggests that what cameras show, on reality television for instance, is not necessarily reality, and that appearances are just as consequential as the truth. Eventually, she and Peeta are thrust into the arena, where they must fight for their lives against dozens of other tributes.

In a broader sense to all of the citizens of Panem must worry about surviving both before and after the rebellion.

Young huntress Katniss Everdeen volunteers for the Hunger Games in lieu of her younger sister.

The Hunger Games

Supporting performances are also strong. Panem is ruled by the affluent residents of the Capitol, a centrally located territory responsible for establishing order.The Hunger Games Analysis Symbols, Imagery, Allegory As we learn from the novel's first chapter, the country of Panem is located in what once was North America.

Technically, “The Hunger Games” is impeccable. Production design is superb: the poverty of Katniss’ home District, the grotesque opulence of the Capitol, and the primal wilderness of the Games are beautifully depicted. The universe of the Hunger Games, on the other hand, feels cold and godless, in which life is truly “nasty, brutish and short.” While the main characters clearly strive to act nobly, they frequently do so based on emotion, rather than ethics.

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Get started now! He is a drunk and one of only two people from District 12 to win the Hunger Games (and the only one still living). Read an in-depth analysis of Haymitch Abernathy. Effie Trinket -.

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Analysis of the hunger games
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