An analysis of the article invasion of the promise keepers

By that fellowship, he turns his back on the whole history of the Reformed faith in its struggle to maintain the Reformed distinctives.

Yet, today, Hayford, like other Charismatic leaders, is teaching Promise Keepers and others that this false view of Christian worship is approved by God and proper for all Christians to accept.

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They hit it off from the start.

A New Vision for Promise Keepers

Promise Two -- A man and his mentors: Approval and use of psychological approaches and techniques. But, we trust, our criticisms of PK will reflect our distinct Reformed persuasion.

This report is based upon the actual words of its leaders made in public meetings, contained in press releases, or printed in books, magazines and articles which have either been published or endorsed by leaders of the Promise Keepers movement.

Promise 6 to which PK commit themselves is " A Promise Keeper is committed to supporting the mission of the church by honoring and praying for his pastor and by actively giving his time and resources. We must follow their example and obey God rather than to trust the promises of any man.

Promise three -- a man and his integrity: The evidence of this congenial attitude toward Roman Catholicism is not difficult to produce. This article encourages stations to publicize Promise Keepers by "giving coverage to the conferences, signing up to air "Men in Action," and covering local stories that highlight grass roots experiences of the movement.

Up until now he could herald a warning against Romanism, liberalism, ecumenism, charismatic delusion and the like without reservation. Our people must be warned against it and exhorted not to take part in it.

In many respects, Warhol was right. In fact, however, the spiritual, moral, ethical and sexual purity needed by every believer is not to be found in making boastful promises nor in dependence upon other believers but can only be obtained by heeding the Word of God which says, "Whereby are given unto us [all of us!

But what I know is that Almighty God wants to bring Christian men together regardless of their ethnic origin, denominational background, or style of worship. The sovereignty of God in salvation, a salvation of totally depraved sinners who are dead in their trespasses and sins, a salvation accomplished by a death of Jesus Christ that was particular and not for all men--these doctrines are clearly rejected by PK.

The following information is quoted in full from the Fact Sheet which was part of the official press packet prepared in January Responsible for all written PK resources. Awakening to an Uncertain Future. But to encourage the false notion that a godly man cannot make it on his own in these tumultuous times without depending upon other Promise Keepers to help keep him "on the right track" is another trick of Satan to belittle the power of God and negate His " But they do not make these promises before a human organization lately sprung up.

A Man and His Church: That is a significant percentage of Christian Reformed ministers. He is a "signs and wonders" advocate who claims that God continues to give him special revelation for the body of Christ.

Promise two -- a man and his mentors: And yet, this whole "ministry" stands outside of the church, is not supervised directly by the church, nor directly accountable to the church. Promise Keepers generally teaches a modified view of spiritual headship, emphasizing the oft-neglected scriptural charge to husbands to love their wives even as Christ loved the church.

Read the record of Gideon in Judges 7: PK is a para-church organization that usurps the prerogatives that God has given to the church. In some cases, an Ambassador will encounter a church that is outside his personal comfort zone in terms of cultural or denominational emphases.

Dangers of the Promise Keepers: Promise One has the right words but the wrong application.

The Masculine Journey of Promise Keepers

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It was the Promise Keepers (hereafter known as PK) convention. According to literature distributed by the PK officials, the idea for this movement was born in March ofwhen Bill McCartney, then head football coach for the University of Colorado, and his friend, Dave Wardell, were driving from Denver to Pueblo, Colorado.

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Introduction Foreword. Based on this analysis, I argue that The Washington Post produced the most positive coverage of Promise Keepers, while Christianity Today published more skeptical reports, and political opinion journals provided the fairest coverage.


Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers represents an effort of Angry men trying to reclaim the power they lost to the feminist movement. Timid men trying to feminize their churches. 2. Promise Keepers is an unprecedented mass movement that Unites evangelicals regardless of church background around basic Christianity and.

A Promise Keeper is committed to keeping 7 promises. PROMISE 1. A Promise Keeper is committed to honoring Jesus Christ through worship, prayer and obedience to God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.

An analysis of the article invasion of the promise keepers
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