An analysis of english language in todays society

However, compulsory education, as well as media exposure to speakers from many parts of the English-speaking world, mean that we are all a little more self-consious about our use of English grammar than previous generations would have been.

What because you speak either really quickly or you speak a little bit differently? It is also best to let people talk freely and listen to the words they use naturally, rather than necessarily taking their word for what they say they do!

However, in the Doyle family interview, Peter uses one pronoun form which is only rarely heard in English English, and reflects the Irish influence on both Liverpudlian and New York speech.

However, we can all vary our language according to the situations we find ourselves in and how much we really want to communicate. Whatever you say in slang you mostly swear sometimes. Exploring the origins of words The most natural starting point for any analysis of the origins of words in other words, their etymology is dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary OEDwhich is a rich mine of information for anyone who has a few hours to spare!

If you interview a more varied group of people, you will almost certainly find more variation, which might be along dimensions of age, different regional origins or different social groups etc.

When Stephen tells Jodie how he would describe the interview to his mates, he effectively mimics his own speech in a very different context: This is a feature shared by a number of British English dialects.

Here are just a few examples from the Doyle family interview: The fact that the Doyles speak a fairly standard variety of English makes it relatively easy to write down what they say. I just be meself.

Articles on English language

Similarly, when Peter mimics the people in the pub in Widnes, he does does this in his his best imitation of their speech: Underwear on a washing line [Image: Because it is stigmatised, people may be self-conscious of using it, and may therefore not use it consistently.

BibliothekDesAllgemeinenUndPraktischenWissens via Wikimedia Till Eulenspiegel, the original owlarse It is surprising how many present-day dialect words turn out to have a long history. We choose a variety of language not just to express ideas but to express our own identity and to distinguish ourselves from other groups of people.

However, the following grammatical features which all come from the transcript of the interview with the Doyles are not classified as Standard British English.

Or you think you do. This is similar to the way in which bilingual speakers may change languages in the middle of a conversation. I mean obviously like what other backslang words can you think of, and did it originate from when you two were kids, I mean did you, was it something that your Dad used to say in the house when you were younger?

Where has that come from? And now do you apart from swear! Search time is now significantly faster as many dictionaries are available in electronic formats, such as CD-ROM or online.

This is hardly remarkable, as - however relaxed they seem - they must have been conscious that their conversation was being recorded. Can this really be the same Chinese influence, as result of all that sea traffic to and from South Asia and Chinese migration into Liverpool. So it was fascinating to hear Stephen in the Doyle family interview using similar expressions in his English.

Bin lids are little ones. This usage may apply to various verbs.Jun 19,  · Browse English language news, research and analysis from In little more than a generation and a half we have become a more caring and inclusive society. Lecturer of. Language analysis This index links to pages that analyze the errors in authentic pieces of writing by ESL students at various levels of English language proficiency.

There are also links to two programs that enable users to run their own language analysis. Guo Y., Beckett G. () A Critical Analysis of English Language Teaching in Today's Market Economy in China.

In: Sung K., Pederson R.

Language analysis

(eds) Critical ELT Practices in Asia. Transgressions (Cultural Studies and Education), vol Is English changing? By Betty Birner. Download this document as a pdf. Yes, and so is every other human language! Language is always changing, evolving, and adapting to the needs of its users.

Doing language analysis

Aug 20,  · Understand the methodology of a language analysis. To prepare yourself to write a language analysis essay, it is crucial for you to fully immerse yourself in the source and uncover all of the moments in the source in which the author is using language to persuade%(62). Doing language analysis; History & The Arts.

Featured content. Free courses to compare your own data with the broader evidence available from dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary or a language bank such as the Bank of English at the Society and Development at Cambridge University Video. 45 mins. lonelycoo under CC-BY-NC.

An analysis of english language in todays society
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