A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia

On the other hand, there was a vast prairie known as the Grand Steppe that extended all the way from Mongolia into the Eastern Europe regions of Romania and Bulgaria. Sophia acted as regent during the minority of the sovereigns and exercised all power. By all accounts, Alexei was a capable young man.

His cruelty notwithstanding, Peter was also brilliant.

10 Interesting Facts About Peter The Great of Russia

Title The imperial title of Peter the Great was the following: As Peter approached the age when he could assume the throne, Sophia resisted giving up power.

Painting depicting Capture of Azov in 5 He traveled as Peter Mikhailov across Europe and worked as a carpenter Peter knew that it would be difficult for Russia to face the mighty Ottoman Empire alone.

In the end, the threat of Mongol invasion inspired so much fear that the officials knuckled under and accepted the Mongol yoke. He took special note of how England ruled the waves. Although elements fought among themselves for power, entrenched forces within the nobility, military, and church were quite happy with the way society was structured.

Based on information Alexei was coerced to say during his "confessions", Alexei was sentenced to death. Peter became the sole ruler when Ivan died in His interest was actually closer to an obsession. Several rulers feared that Peter would claim authority over them, just as the Holy Roman Emperor had claimed suzerainty over all Christian nations.

There was also the difficulty of dealing with the army called the Streltsy which felt entitled to interfere in politics when its petty interests were threatened. Power was instead exercised by his mother, Natalya Naryshkina. Their heads were impaled on spikes and left up there for public display for months.

Into the breach stepped half sister Sophia to become the de facto leader of Russia. By the time Peter was finished, he claimed for himself the title of "Emperor" and proclaimed Russia to now be an Empire.

He permanently confined Sophia to a form of imprisonment at a convent. Unfortunately for Alexei, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Europe seemed to have no answer for these invaders. The Grand Steppe was the route taken by the invasion force.

Peter the Great

However, thanks to the Mongols, the use of capital punishment became widespread. If that is the case, then it would be interesting to know the reason. However as Feodor was weak and sickly, the real power was held by the Miloslavsky family. The Senate was founded as the highest state institution to supervise all judicial, financial and administrative affairs.

In spite of never being formally conquered, the Republic was ordered to begin to pay tribute to the khans of the Golden Horde. There was a notable absence of talented rulers. This is after all the man who murdered his own son and quelled any hint of insurrection with mass executions. The Grand Steppe operated essentially as an ancient freeway with few obstacles connecting eastern Asia to western Asia.

A regular navy was necessary for resisting the Ottoman attacks. There was one problem. To deprive the Boyars of their high positions, Peter directed that precedence should be determined by merit and service to the Emperor. Although she would bear him a son, the marriage was a total failure.

Meanwhile Peter felt insulted. Peter I of Russia pacifies his marauding troops after retaking Narva inby Nikolay SauerweidRussia was ill-prepared to fight the Swedes, and their first attempt at seizing the Baltic coast ended in disaster at the Battle of Narva in He investigated all manner of scientific inventions.

She began to plot against her younger half-brother. The Streltsy was abolished. But he was definitely "mad" in the other sense. During the years of his training period, Peter deeply lamented the fact that Russia had no navy.

His rule was a welcome relief to Russia as he put an end to the Time of Troubles. Therefore, on 28 Februaryhe issued a decree calling for compulsory education, which dictated that all Russian to year-old children of the nobility, government clerks, and lesser-ranked officials must learn basic mathematics and geometry, and should be tested on the subjects at the end of their studies.

That said, Alexei never took a single action to hurt his powerful father.Start studying A.P. World - Chapter Learn vocabulary, -Also known as Peter the Great; -Put down revolts against his rule with great cruelty.

What are some positive and negative effects that Peter the Great had on Russia?

Peter the Great is one of the prime examples of what the force of a single individual can achieve. He basically dragged, kicking and screaming, an entire society toward modernization of its military, government, behavior, and even its appearance.

World History Quizzes (Ch. 4) Ivan the Terrible's cruelty was aimed mainly at. How did Peter the Great gain territory for Russia along the Baltic Sea?

He studied the English techniques of city-building he would later use to great effect at Lawrence Jay. ed.

Peter the Great and the Modernization of Russia

Russia in the era of Peter the Great. Peter the Great’s military reforms massively modernised Russia’s Army and Navy.

By his death inRussia’s military was a force to be reckoned with. These reforms supplemented the reforms that were going on at a general domestic level. #10 Peter the Great is credited with modernizing Russia Peter’s overall health was never robust and in he began to have problems with his urinary tract and bladder.

His health further deteriorated in early and he breathed his last on February 8, in St.

Peter the Great – Military Reforms


A glimpse at the cruelty of peter the great and its effect on russia
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