A comprehensive review of the movie the prince of egypt

The Prince of Egypt

The official DreamWorks web site for Prince of Egypt is also a good place to get more information on the movie!

The first information I read on the movie was very favorable. In general, I thought the story was well told, with solid direction and a good script. First, the choice of story. I think this is the first trailer shown in the theaters last year. The Red Sea closes over them, and Moses and his people are free.

However, the story did deviate from the Biblical account at times, less so than many Biblical movies and cartoons, but it did deviate. In contrast, the Biblical account of Moses life in Egypt as a prince takes up less than 1 chapter.

This is entertaining, but highly unlikely. I found their musical number especially appalling. Another excellent reference is Threads in a Tapestry. However, in this caricature both are similar - they were both very effective and good kings.

This practice is known to conflict the viewer psychologically as the drawn images begin to do battle with the ones in the audience memory with the cerebral bridge of highly recognizable photo images of known voices.

The musical numbers are largely forgettable, but the characters and the story remain compelling. At the Red Seathey discover that a vengeful Rameses is pursuing them with his army, intent on killing them.

I must also note that I was surprised to see some very Christian overtones in this movie. Walt Disney knew this quite well and avoided it. She prophesies from the beginning that Moses was to be their deliverer.

The story is based on Exodus from the Old Testament and other Scripture which is scanty, to say the least. Before commenting on the film as a whole, I want to make that clear, because in the inevitable rush to pick this film apart the plot, the voices, the religious significance, the literary accuracy, the moral issues, the music, the comparisons with Disney and de Mille, etc It was very effective - a cartoon that was entertaining as cartoons and musicals are meant to be, and rather realistic and historical i.

What was changed to keep the movie short and flowing was done tactfully. While the other two accompanying records, the country -themed "Nashville" soundtrack and the gospel -based "Inspirational" soundtrack, functioned as film tributes, the official The Prince of Egypt soundtrack contained the actual songs from the film.

Talk to your kids about Was this violence necessary? Moses and Tzipporah return to Egypt, where Moses is happily greeted by Rameses, who is now Pharaoh with a wife and son. This brings up one of the more frustrating differences between the movie and the Biblical account.

I applaud DreamWorks for this triumph in graphic excellence. You almost felt like you were in there in the presence of God; it was still and peaceful.The Prince of Egypt Movie Review Preliminary Notes.

The DreamWorks presentation The Prince of Egypt opened at theaters on December 18, I meant to get a preliminary review out before the movie was showing in theaters.

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Dec 18,  · Now here is "The Prince of Egypt," an animated version based on the same legends. What it proves above all is that animation frees the imagination from the shackles of gravity and reality, and allows a story to soar as it will/5. Prince of Egypt opens with God's people slaving under Egyptian oppression, praying in song for their deliverance.

After a thrill-packed water ride in a basket, the infant Moses is plucked from the river by Pharaoh's wife to be raised as a brother of Rameses.

Dec 18,  · The Prince of Egypt is just the right Dreamworks animated This movie is totally epic. it retells the book of Exodus and its well-written. the animation kicked a**, the characters' peformances were the best, the visuals were excellent, the music rocked, and the cinematography is awesome%(26).

The Prince of Egypt PG 1h 38m Born into slavery but raised as the son of a pharaoh, Moses accepts his destiny: to lead the Hebrews out of slavery and into freedom. "The Prince of Egypt" is a surprisingly near perfect movie. The beautifully animated has a great story and storytelling, beautiful songs and a great voice cast.

Animated movies has been taken to a new level with this movie.

A comprehensive review of the movie the prince of egypt
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