The rachel maddow reports on the gay tolerance of the pope and the police brutality in america

We all understand, we all come from faith-based communities. We talked about one of this show last night, Troy Newman, head of a radical anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue, that has decades of ties to violent anti-abortion extremists, including the vice president of that group being a convicted clinic bomber who spent time in prison for that.

This whole legislative session in North Carolina has been seriously off the wall. Trump hosted "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month on November 7th. The pope is sitting up front and the reporters are in the back until — whoa, whoa, whoa. And I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God and I am willing to go to jail for standing on the truth of the word of God.

Openly gay in the ’90s, Rachel Maddow felt no support from the Clintons

And that battle runs right through the hearts of Christian churches — the vast majority of which "belong" to men, to straight or straight-posturing men, especially white ones.

We need laws that are going to help prevent that. Charisma himself, Joe Lieberman. And the basic premise of the statement, which really resonates today, is that information belongs to the public.

They could not even be tried because the other car fired its weapons first. Instead, insurance companies would be required to pay for the contraceptives, and to arrange it.

Why are you obsessed with it? The president did put out a statement expressing his dismay about those Guantanamo provisions but he did just sign it. But we have the attorney general saying, hey, I can opt Texas in any way. What the Catholic Church says in much of Latin America and much of Africa, even in some parts of Europe — well, it pretty much goes.

Melissa, actually, can I ask you something? One of whom was Mike Huckabee, who is getting about as much traction in the presidential race as I am. Do you believe that this was being covered up?

Prosecutors say Laquan never spoke to those intersection the officer who shot him emptied his clip into that young man, 16 bullets. That governor never did come out and meet with those protesters.

After last week, the Department of Justice took action. Tonight at the White House, President Obama pulled a classic holiday eve news dump when he very quietly signed the big defense bill that he had just recently vetoed. And really, that was just the cherry on top of the crazy cake in North Carolina this year.

Floyd Dent, of Michigan, who was beaten so badly during a traffic stop that he was left with a cracked eye socket and broken ribs.

You had a video and multiple witnesses, in this case, both police and civilian witnesses. In addition to that, the gay community in Uganda is hoping that Pope Francis might, on this visit, take the opportunity to preach tolerance on the issue of sexuality or at least he might speak out against the frequent and fairly horrific violence faced by LGBT Ugandans.

But opponents of the bill are not giving up. And only idea he has that we can do about it is to pray about it. The Paul campaign promptly scrubbed than endorsement from the Web site. I think the calculation is literally that cynical. But I am not ashamed of the truth of the word of God.

Allison Riggs, I appreciate it. Thank you for having me, Melissa. But tonight, he had signed that restrictive bill. And so, they say they will sue.

The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 07/29/13

As far as I can tell with this equal time claim, that is about to come due on Friday and Saturday night, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Jim Gilmore, and Lindsey Graham will all be cashing in their free air time with a repeated second ad that will air 24 times over the course of two nights in primetime.

What has changed in the political winds that makes him feel that this is possible? They managed — work outside the home.Apr 07,  · It appears that Rachel Maddow is currently the queen of cable news. Courtesy of Yahoo News: MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” finished the Week of March 27 as the most-watched show in cable news among the key demographic of adults age Author: Gryphen.

Get the latest on Pope from Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Joe Scarborough. Aug 04,  · Rachel Maddow reports on an anti-gun publicity stunt that is so powerful in making its point that gun rights groups are freaking out, voicin Sign the Petition to Repeal RFRA " But did you know that there are an additional twenty states with RFRA laws, all very similar to Indiana’s?

Mar 04,  · Rachel Maddow reports on the odd coincidence of a Russian oligarch's plane showing up at various Trump campaign stops. Trump would do America a huge service by putting himself out of misery! It would stop the misery he is putting on all of us throughout the Gryphen.

In this informative clip, Rachel Maddow breaks down the tragic episodes of extrajudicial police killings that have been occurring with an alarming frequency in the past year.

A pattern in the use of lethal force among American police officers and their handling of African-American suspects has come to light, and the details are shocking. The Rachel Maddow Reports on the Gay Tolerance of the Pope and the Police Brutality in America ( words, 1 pages) News Stories - Rachel Maddow ShowRachel Maddow reports on how the Pope has come to the US as part of a tour.

The rachel maddow reports on the gay tolerance of the pope and the police brutality in america
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