Paper relief term

Cut to Register Term used for watermarked letterhead papers to indicate the watermark will be cut to appear in a predetermined position on the finished sheet. Blanket In offset lithography, the rubbercoated fabric clamped around the blanket cylinder, which transfers the image from plate to paper.

Cover Paper Durable, heavier weight papers, available in a variety of finishes and colors, used for the cover of pamphlets, annual reports, business cards, etc… Crop Marks Specifically placed marks attached to artwork that show the area to be printed. Blowup Enlargement from the original size.

The slightly projecting figures created in this way work well in reliefs that are seen from below, and reflect that the heads of figures are usually of more interest to both artist and viewer than the legs or feet.

Backbone The back of a bound book; also called the Paper relief term. Color Key An overlay proof with just one color per sheet of acetate 3M Company Trademark Color Process Printing Printing done using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, each requiring its own negative and plate.

Baseline In typesetting, the invisible line on which letters and numbers set. Butted Joint Joining two webs of paper, placing them endtoend and pasting a strip over and under to make a continuous sheet without overlapping.

Ink vehicle has been absorbed too rapidly into the paper leaving a dry, weak pigment layer which dusts easily. Rolls are normally checked for baggy areas by striking with a baton and listening for variations in audible pitch.

Also referred to as Cross direction or Cross grain.

Condensed Paper relief term or Condensed Type A particular typeface that allows more print per line, as though the letters were squashed at their sides.

Couch Roll On a paper making machine the equipment that helps remove excess water from the moving web of paper prior to the wet press section of a paper machine. Cellulose For paper manufacturing, the primary component of the cell walls of wood fibers.

Close Formation Uniform density in a sheet of paper. As unfinished examples from various periods show, raised reliefs, whether high or low, were normally "blocked out" by marking the outline of the figure and reducing the background areas to the new background level, work no doubt performed by apprentices see gallery.

Chip Board An inexpensive thick one-ply cardboard, typically made from recycled paper stock. The main background has not been removed, merely that in the immediate vicinity of the sculpted form.

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To my relief, he found the suggestion acceptable. Cotton Linters The cotton fibers that adhere to the cottonseed used to produce pulp for cotton fiber papers. Also called process color or four-color process.

I was relieved when Hannah finally arrived. The Ishtar Gate of Babylonnow in Berlin, has low reliefs of large animals formed from moulded bricks, glazed in colour.

Low relief was relatively rare in Western medieval artbut may be found, for example in wooden figures or scenes on the insides of the folding wings of multi-panel altarpieces.

Cross machine direction A line perpendicular to the direction the paper travels through the papermaking machine. Beater Blendertype machine used to pulverize pulp and for mixing additives and color to the stock.

Plaster, which made the technique far easier, was widely used in Paper relief term and the Near East from antiquity into Islamic times latterly for architectural decoration, as at the AlhambraRome, and Europe from at least the Renaissance, as well as probably elsewhere.

Collate In binding, gathering sections signatures in sequence for binding. Commercial Match Paper manufactured to within acceptable tolerances of a sample provided to the mill. Basis Weight The weight in pounds per ream of paper cut to its basic size in inches.

Blocking Out Eliminating portions of negatives by opaquing the image. Additional pressure applied through the impression cylinder assisting the image transfer to the press sheet. The temple has 1, panels of reliefs narrating Buddhist scriptures.

It had been used earlier, but mainly for large reliefs on external walls, and for hieroglyphs and cartouches. Since the Renaissance plaster has been very widely used for indoor ornamental work such as cornices and ceilings, but in the 16th century it was used for large figures many also using high relief at the Chateau of Fontainebleauwhich were imitated more crudely elsewhere, for example in the Elizabethan Hardwick Hall.

Cross Grain Fold A fold at a right angle to the direction of the grain in the paper. Some reliefs, especially funerary monuments with heads or busts from ancient Rome and later Western art, leave a "frame" at the original level around the edge of the relief, or place a head in a hemispherical recess in the block see Roman example in gallery.

Conservation The preservation and responsible use of our natural resources to ensure they endure. Bindery A process of perforating, folding, trimming and eventually binding a printed piece. Booklet A printed piece bound together, containing a few pages. DonatelloMadonna and Child in rilievo stiacciato or shallow relief French 20th-century low relief Low relief, Banteay SreiCambodia ; Ravana shaking Mount Kailasathe Abode of Siva Mid-relief, "half-relief" or mezzo-rilievo is somewhat imprecisely defined, and the term is not often used in English, the works usually being described as low relief instead.

Reliefs in wax were produced at least from the Renaissance. Color Bars Printed bars of ink colors used to monitor a print image. Crop Residue An alternative source of fiber for paper making.A paper machine developed by Louis Robert and financed by Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier that produces a continuous web of paper; also the term for the section of the paper machine which is a continuous "wire" or belt screen, through which the first removal of water occurs.

Also known as relief typographic printing, letterpress printing. Paper Relief Sculpture (art + geometry) This lesson involves building a three-dimensional paper sculpture balanced on a single point and focused around the principles of.

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Paper relief term
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