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Nike Inc, SWOT Market Share Market share is defined as the company sales that are divided by the total sales of all the companies for specified product market. Prentice Hall Marketing Mix n.

Marketing Analysis of Nike Essay

It also believes that if a person has a body than he or she can be an athlete. A threat that is faced by Nike is the environmental damage that is done to the society by air and water pollution, noises and change in the climate due to the pollution etc.

Nike has to hire, train and motivate salespeople; it has to set up communication and a promotion program, which includes advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, institutional selling and online marketing. However, the company, being steady progressing during ss, faced a perspective of a serious crisis in the late s-early s.

The company has taken the name of Nike from the Greek goddess of victory. Nike provides various products like shoes, sportswear and accessories and sports equipment.

Nike Shoes The company can introduce brand extensions i. Basically, the company has already gained international acclaim and was popular in many countries of the world but the production of athletic shoes and sports equipment in its traditional regions, including the USA, Europe, and Japan became less and less profitable.

Hot Air Retrieved March 18 from http: Hire Writer Adidas competes strongly with Nike, but Nike still has this kind of monopoly because it makes better things with much less production factors than Adidas.

As we know Nike market analysis essay Nike produces its products at a reasonable and affordable price so that many people around the world can buy their products.

The content of the mission statement mostly directed at the market of the company and its customers, it also identifies the desired goals and objectives of the company.

It should be said that to achieve positive results Nike signed a contract with Michael Jordan a basketball star. On the other hand, it is also necessary to underline very successful marketing and promotional policy of Nike. To deal with threats the company needs to prepare plans that show the changes the company can make before or during the occurrence of the threat.

The overall services and look of the company is targeted in such a way that would match the changing tastes and preferences of the customers of Nike worldwide.

Retrieved March 18 from http: The logo of Nike is instantly recognized by people anywhere in the world. However, in the course of time it became obvious that the national market is insufficient for the company and it needed entering foreign market. Consequently, it was quite provocative and unusual that the company signed the contract with this sportsman, though such seemingly illogical and probably inexplicable or arguable decisions became a norm for Nike and, even nowadays, it is possible to find similar examples.

It is due to the mission statement that the employees, customers, suppliers and stockholders known about the stated goals and objectives and the aim of the company. The 4Ps include the following: WStrategic Marketing.

And, even, beneficial shift of production to Asia, provoked opposition and boycott of Nike products in some developed countries.Free Essay: Unit 6 Assignment 2 Nike, Incorporated Company Analysis Michael G. Castro Capella University MBA – Global Economic Environment Professor.

The Analysis of Nike Inc. a complete and comprehensive analysis of Nike Inc, includes an overview of the industry the company operates in, a PEST Framework Analysis of the industry, and then moves on to analyzing the company € Essay about Commodity Chain Analysis of Nike Shoes - Commodity chain analysis of a Nike Shoe Introduction Since its creation, Nike has proven itself as a popular brand and it has created niches by selling products such as footwear, apparels and various types of sports equipment.

Nike market analysis and business overview. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here The target market of NIKE is the urban youth with the brand proposition 'competition.

Marketing Analysis of Nike Essay Market Analysis of Nike Julie Wilderman BUS Principles of Marketing Professor David Kalicharan August 08, Market Analysis of Nike One important issue marketers need to realize is that it is essential to have a heavy commitment and solid customer focus and to attempt to satisfy customer wants and.

Free Essay: Market Analysis of Nike Julie Wilderman BUS Principles of Marketing Professor David Kalicharan August 08, Market Analysis of Nike One.

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