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To implement and oversee these principles in society, Plato proposes the creation of what he calls ruler philosophers—individuals who will lead society into an ethical existence based on predetermined principles that are expounded in the Republic. Besides that, death is a blessing and should not be feared.

If we accept the religious beliefs of Christianity, and other religions such as Judaism and Islam, then we must admit that there is the soul that leaves the body after a person dies.

At the start of the trial began with a reference to God under whose name he said he will make his defense.

He thought of himself as wise because he accepted that his wisdom and power were not the ultimate. Conclusion After reading Phaedo and reflecting on life in general, I am very much convinced that death is not be feared because what happens to the human body is quite opposite of what happens to the human soul.

The trunk and the leaves need the sunshine and the air to stay alive. His wisdom was attainable for the ordinary man. The Men of Athens will see Socrates as a man of courage who was not scared of death and an enlightened disciple of the divine who treated death as a journey, a deep slumber or a crossover.

Thus, I can claim, in view of Socrates, that life is not to be feared but welcomed by us. I will explain this reason critically and argue that this reason is strong enough for us to believe in what Socrates says: The tree is a good example here.

Democracy fosters rule by the ignorant. They share the knowledge with the people who go to them for their good counsel. The share with their fellow men what they valuable possession, knowledge. In the dialogue, besides the casual conversation, the major point Socrates makes is that death is actually a release for us from the many distractions that our body imposes upon our soul.

He philosophized that it was a state of deep sleep or one of blankness. Hierarchy of knowledge is established in the simile of the line. Those were in the days of democracy.

Plato's Republic Republic [Politeia], Plato - Essay

This condition remains constant, as far as my observation can relate, with every object of the world. Socrates was not that kind of philosopher.

Critique on Plato’s Apology of Socrates Essay

This premise by Socrates can be explained in simple words. Socrates warned the Athenians that should they harm him, they will sin against God.Plato's Critique of Democracy According to Plato, democracy is the worst form of government since no measures guarantee a rightfully elected leader has the virtues that articulate best interests of the masses.

Aristotle's Critique of Plato

Aristotle's Critique of Plato Aristotle took a distinct path verging from the foundation of Plato's philosophy.

In order to control society Plato used the noble lie, so people under the. Socrates was a great philosopher of his time. There came a point in his life when his beliefs were questioned and his teachings doubted. He was charged for evil deeds and wrong doings. Free Essay: Introduction In this paper, I will explain and critique Plato’s view of reality.

I will argue that Plato’s argument is problematic because it. Critique of Plato Essay. Introduction In this paper, I will explain and critique Plato’s view of reality.

I will argue that Plato’s argument is problematic because it fall’s victim to numerous fallacies, the most famous of course being the third man problem. What are some criticisms of Plato and his philosophy? Update Cancel. ad by Compare-Quote. Plato claims as well the concept of good is of the absolute nature, which is a problem because it raises the question how are we supposed to recognize good and where does that leave evil?

Basically, even though his propositions were made intuitively.

Critique of plato essay
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