An analysis of the civil war as an opportunity to prove their valor and loyalty of the americans

Although these men and women were key ingredients for the growth of American industry—serving as a cheap and easily replaceable labor source—their presence, and especially a perceived ethnic propensity for violence, alcoholism, and disorder, led to the development of class-consciousness among the middle and upper classes who saw themselves embattled against a growing immigrant population who seemed the antithesis of protestant perception of American society.

To the officers of the regiment I would say, your toils are ended, your mission is fulfilled, and we separate forever. A majority of those who left Ireland during that period set sail for North America where they would create a diasporic community bound together by the shared horrors of the famine.

Immigrants in the Union Army

Mulligan and his Irish Brigade from Chicago made headlines across the country and served as motivation for the organization of other Irish regiments.

Army linguist Roy Matsumoto here in was born in Los Angeles but spent much of his childhood in Hiroshima, Japan, with his parents and siblings.

Civil War Quotes

German immigrants were, for the most part, more financially secure than their Irish counterparts. The Confederate government had rejected doing so earlier.

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 24, was one such recruit. Clement Laird Vallandingham and the Copperhead movement he led publicly encouraged Union soldiers to desert. Men from large cities of which the Union also had more may have had more cosmopolitan views than country boys. The fidelity, patience, and patriotism with which you have discharged your duties to your men and to your country entitle you to a far higher tribute than any words of thankfulness which I can give you from the bottom of my heart.

Vice President Stevenson uttered these immortal words at the dedication of the Chickamauga Battlefield as a National Park: They knew they were going to be defeated. The executed man had been discovered in another unit where he had gone after deserting and re-enlisting and an officer in his former unit recognized him during company drill.

The rioters blamed African Americans, as the cause of the war and the draft. Under the threat of being drafted more men enlisted in February and March of because by doing so they preserved the ability to fight with men they knew in units organized on a local level.

Black Codes

When Lincoln announced his program of amnesty and wartime reconstruction incivilian oath swearing as a condition to wartime readmission into the Union made it harder to keep men fighting for a cause that appeared to some to be evaporating on the home front.

Existing studies of Civil War immigrants have tended to generalize, gathering together diverse motivations and experiences in an effort to produce one unified interpretation for each ethnic group, or even one interpretation for all immigrants.

Weitz, More Damning than Slaughter: This essay explores the origins of nineteenth century European immigration, the experience of these men and women in the United States, the reaction of ethnic-Americans to the outbreak of sectional conflict, the motivations behind motivations, ethnic service, and post-war implications of immigrant sacrifice in defense of the Union.

The subsequent retreat disintegrated into a wild, disorderly effort to escape slaughter. Near the end of the Civil War, the Confederate leaders finally authorized the forming of a regiment of African American soldiers.

Desertion, Cowardice and Punishment

Only by broadening our knowledge of the immigrant experience at the most intimate level can we truly understand the motivations that drove these men to fight and die for the Union.

This became increasingly problematic as the war progressed the armies were flooded with poor reluctant volunteers. Second, the Civil War appeared at first to offer the perfect training ground for these units who, at wars end, would continue the fight across the Atlantic.

The problem was solved with the argument that the President being the Commander In Chief during a time of war have the power to temporarily go against the Constitution.

Roy Matsumoto served in the army for 20 years, where he received the Legion of Merit and was inducted into the Army Ranger Hall of Fame. I also feel that was often true in the north as well.

Unfortunately he made them wear red trousers; just like he had seen the African soldiers wear. Some of you always seem to think he is suddenly going to turn a double somersault, and land in our rear and on both of our flanks at the same time.

As the Confederacy moved to bolster its army, events beyond its control increased the possibility of losing men to desertion. Occupation duties also provided an unexpected reunion for Roy Matsumoto, who had assumed that his parents and five siblings were killed when the first atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima.

When the preacher finished, the accused stood and faced a twelve-man firing squad, quietly allowed himself to be blindfolded, and awaited his fate. Our ancestors gave their blood, sweat and tears; for the day when we will have the same rights as every other American citizen.

The Civil War

The pull from home made the decision easier for some, but willingness alone was often insufficient. The nation guarantees to you full protection and justice, and will require from you in return that respect for the laws and orderly deportment which will prove to every one your right to all the privileges of freemen.

The movie Glory was filled with many inaccuracies. New York University Press, After confirming the story with headquarters, the British officer dismissed the rattled pair back into the night. Railroad workers, telegraph operators, miners and civil servants were examples of non-slavery related exemptions.

We need to study their history and emulate them. We need to be inspired by them. Few regiments fought with such tenacity or experienced as high causality rates as the regiments of the Irish Brigade.The tremendously rapid growth of American cities in the post-Civil War decades was a.

uniquely American. b. fueled by an agricultural system suffering from poor production levels. c. attributable to the closing of the frontier.

d. a trend that affected Europe as well. e. None of these choices are correct. Black codes were restrictive laws designed to limit the freedom of African Americans and ensure their availability as a cheap labor force after slavery was abolished during the Civil War.

Here is a selection of Civil War quotes from the main characters of the war. Civil War Quotes A collection of Civil War quotes can serve as a great window into the conflict.

So long alienated from their adopted nation, the Civil War offered the public forum through which Catholic immigrants could prove their loyalty to their nation and quell nativist fears once and for all. [22] European Immigrants in the Union Army (Westport, CT: Praeger, ), The Reconstruction Era also saw major transformations in American Society in the wake of the civil war- new ways of organizing labor and family life, new institutions within and outside of the govt.

and new ideologies regarding the role of institutions and govt. in social and economic life. problem of how to reconstruct the Union in the wake of the South's military defeat was one of the most difficult and. The Civil War left hundreds of thousands of Americans dead, wounded, or disillusioned—even as it kept the Union intact, ended slavery, and expanded opportunities for African Americans and white women.

An analysis of the civil war as an opportunity to prove their valor and loyalty of the americans
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