A visit to the doctor essay

Quietness was prevailing in the whole ward. Even in distress his duty is first towards his patient. The behavior of doctors and nurses was worthy of commendations.

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The plight of the patients and the seriousness of the atmosphere prevailing there touched me deep within. Free sample essay on a Visit to a Hospital Soumya Advertisements: In the overall module I would change some things to make it more helpful for students like me.

Besides allopathic systems of medicines, there are doctors who practice Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic system of medicine. As a result we find that the fields of medicine and surgery have advanced beyond imagination. The relatives were squatting in lawns of the hospital.

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I have seen three patients while staying in consulting room. They are in great demand all over the world. His way of talking itself was very consoling. A visit to a hospital is a whole lot of experience in itself. In this respect, the society is indebted to the profession of doctors.

There is a revived interest in these systems of treatment and many allopathic doctors combine their treatment with traditional methods like yoga, nature cure and Ayurveda.

It is the doctor who finds the cure. It also offers different kind of services: It is ingrained in its culture and all the religions. Meanwhile she gave him temporary prescription for that today: When I came out of hospital, I realized that there is a whole lot of difference in the atmosphere that prevails inside and outside the hospital.

It has about medical colleges, which produce about 30, doctors every year. Innovative practices of treatment, like the Chinese acupuncture and acupressure, yoga, Nature cure etc.

Visit to a doctor essay

Some of the patients had their arms and legs bandaged and plastered. Various nurses and doctors were attending on them. There were two persons: The doctor came on round followed by other staff members. At first, he has to take insurance, then go to department of insurance in clinic, there he will be put into list of patients at fixed time and day to visit a doctor.

He has to always treat his patients with a smile and cheer. Often, he has to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food. In the next ward, patients were lying pensively on their beds.

A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients. As a manager I would check his name in the insurance list when he or she makes an appointment with doctor. To others, he prescribed medicines. This has facilitated the doctors to undertake complicated operations and treat critically ill patients with success.

Among them, the profession of doctors is perhaps most respected for service to the society. In recent years there has been a great leap forward in the modernisation of our hospitals with latest equipments.A visit to a doctor: One morning I woke up with a very sore throat.

I could not swallow without feeling great pain. I told my mother about it. She decided that I should skip school that day. She was going to take me to see a doctor. At 9 a.m., my mother and I took the bus to town-to see our family doctor.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Visit To A Doctor Essay. “Catching” Your Kid Playing Doctor In the article “Catching” Your Kid Playing Doctor by Marty Klein, PhD a distressed and confused mother approaches her doctor with what Words; 8 Pages; a Visit.

A doctor’s life is hard. Often, he has to visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep and even food. Sometimes the doctor has to work throughout the day and night attending to serious patients or victims of war, epidemic or major accident.

He has to always treat his patients with a smile and cheer. The doctor essay. The English essay of doctor for kids. essay about the doctor for grade 1 to 3.

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The Doctor Essay- Essay on the Doctor for students. The Doctor Essay. 10 thoughts on “ The Doctor Essay- Essay on the Doctor for students ”.

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A visit to the doctor essay
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